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Pain on top of foot

For a little while now...

As I'm doing my build up walk I get a pain on the top of my left foot. When I run the pain seems to go and when I've finished I can feel it a bit. Anyway, today it hurts and is slightly swollen and the walk-in surgery said to go to my regular GP on Monday and get an X-Ray.. This has annoyed me a little because I am due to do my Week 5 Run 3 tomorrow and I was looking forward to it. If I wake and it doesn't hurt, would it be Ok to do the run?

I could go to A&E but I'm not sure it's worth it.

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It could be something as daft as your laces being too tight. It's amazing what problems tight laces can cause. Not saying it is that but it's something you could try before going to the doc for an x-ray.

When you are new to running you get all sorts of niggles which is not surprising if you've not exercised for a while. Once you get stronger and fitter these should go away


Thanks for your reply. I just read that I should change the lace layout to xx:::x or something similar so that no crosses go over the painful area.

I really don't want to stop the running as it has been great for me both mentally and physically.


Yes, you can switch the laces round. I've not done it, I just loosened mine off but if you want to see how it's done I bet there are some clips on Youtube.

It's a common problem and I think we instinctively tighten our trainers up far too tight. I know I was guilty of it but you don't know about such things when you are new to it all. You live and learn though, and that's why we're here, to support each other

Good luck. I hope you get sorted out and can be running again. Let us know how you go on. If the pain persists then that's a different ball game


Thanks. I'll see how I feel tomorrow and if all is good, I'll do the run.. I'll still go and see the doctor on Monday and get an X Ray done, regardless. Hopefully it is a stupid as bad lacing.

Have a great weekend



I'm sorry Wicket2961 but a medical professional has advised you to get an Xray on Monday. I really think that two days of not running and then an expert opinion on Monday are the best course of action. Why don't you do a 30-minute series of stretches on Saturday, or some other (non-impact) exercise?

It would really be a shame to wake up with no pain in the morning, and then do some real damage during a run. You can chose between 2 days not running (which is very likely but not serious) or many weeks not running (which is unlikely but very serious).

In my risk analysis (very likely, not serious) is much better action than (unlikely, very serious).



I had the X-Ray today and the doctor believes that it is tissue damage and that I should rest the foot until the pain stops and then start running again.

She said that I can still ride a bike and swim if I like but shouldn't run.

I'll go for a bike ride in a bit because I need to do something.

Thanks for your reply.


Oh, and just to let you know.... Changing your laces makes a huge difference in feeling. I have now changed the laces on all of my trainers lol


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