Foot pain! Please help :(

Foot pain! Please help :(

I am on week 2, still trying to do run 2....and I have developed really bad pain in my left foot. Ive had gait analysis and got the proper shoes.....but when I drive, having had my foot on the clutch, if i get out and walk...well I was nearly in tears with it today...Ive got a compression bandage on it now and it seems to be helping but I dont want to give up the running as Ive only just got into it. Obviously I dont want to make my foot worse though......any suggestions? If it doesnt get better I will go and see my GP - I was thinking about running with the compression bandage on...Im not totally sure running has done it.......

The pain is across the top of my foot and the left outer side, and yesterday where the toes join the foot, well it felt like it was on fire! The pain is EXACTLY where this blog pic shows............


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12 Replies

  • I'm not a doctor but could it be gout? Thats very painful,

  • If it helps, I think I've had a very similar thing? I don't have a car at the moment, but when I was driving it exacerbated it a bit I think.

    Now I've started running, it's hurting again - does it hurt when you 'stretch' your toes as well? I know you said you've got the right shoes and gait analysis etc, but do you have flat feet? I do, and over-pronate even when I'm walking, therefore when I'm wearing supportive shoes which mean I can't do that, it causes agony exactly where you're describing.

    I went to my GP as it hurts when I wear my walking boots as well, and I've been referred to a podiatrist next week. It might be worth doing the same thing if it's hurting you so much? Just go and explain to them, mine was very helpful :) I'm hoping my podiatrist will fit me some insoles which will resolve it, or at least give me something to help. At the moment, I'm having to compromise by wearing shoes that aren't that supportive so my feet don't hurt, but it does hurt my legs.

    I completely empathise and hope yours gets resolved soon! In the meantime, make sure you rest it, ice it and keep using the compression as it seems to be helping :)

  • ahh! Flat feet! yes I have! And I havent been wearing my insoles much lately....right....Im going to do that again. The compression has definitely helped.

    I will have to wear the running shoes for my runs but will make sure I put my damm insoles in....Ive changed shoes lately and havent changed insoles - thanks! How could I have forgotten????

  • Sounds like it could be gout - I've suffered from it in the past. The GP can do a simple blood test to check for raised uric acid which causes it. Plenty of water and Ibroprofen if it is.

  • yes I am taking painkillers today! Thanks :)

  • I suffer with hyper mobile joints and have in the past had similar sensations, I learned long ago to support my joints well, including my feet, I always make sure I'm wearing arch support socks as well as perfectly fitting shoes, it makes the difference for me and as flat feet can be attributed to flat feet I just thought it worth mentioning! Good luck though :)

  • so would you recommend wearing insoles in your running shoes as well?

  • Doh! Just realised that should read flat feet can be attributed to hypermobility! Sorry for the emptyheadedness!

  • That depends on your gait analysis, but thinking properly your inner soles are made specifically for your feet so I'd probably use inner soles instead of trainer arch support, what is still important in your running shoe though is heel support, I would go have a chat with the or maybe call the appliance dept (assuming you got your inner soles from your appliance dept), but don't give up, it can be done without pain, I'm living proof!

  • The only thing they said when I had gait analysis was overpronation on my right foot - they didnt mention flat feet and I forgot to tell them doh!

    I may try running with the insoles just once - see what happens...also havent been wearing them regularly so actually I ll rethink that..ill start week 2 again with the proper running shoes and then MAKE SURE i wear the orthotic insoles AT ALL OTHER TIMES WITHOUT FORGETTING lol

  • Try it, find what's right for you, and don't forget wearing compression gear after exercise helps recovery too, belt and braces with support during too, good luck and keep us posted! :)

  • Thanks - really appreciate your help!

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