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Week 1 in the bag!

I've just completed W1R3 and skipped all the way home with a huge smile. The first run was the toughest but I'm so happy I kept with it even when I thought I was going to collapse. I was a lot more positive for my second run - it couldn't be any worse than my first run! When I thought I had two more 60 seconds runs to do; I was happy and surprised when Michael said I was actually on my last run! I was probably running a bit too fast for it with a ridiculously big grin on my face. On my third run I covered a bit more distance. My first 60 seconds was a bit awkward not sure why as I was looking forward to it but by the second run I was better at it. However I went two days after my second run in pain - My calves and Thighs. Who knew 60sec was so long - it went on forever! 😁😀😄🤗

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Well done! You've laid the foundations. Here's to week 2!

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Running and skipping! Wow:)

Keep it slow and keep it steady and remember to stretch well after every run :)

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Very well done.

You are only running too fast if your breathing is such that you cannot hold an unfaltering conversation. Don't get hung up with pace, that will come later.

Enjoy your journey.

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