Week 9 - the Beginning

Well, that's the first run of the week out of the way. The usual uneventful session, nice and steady with very few people about. I was surprised when Laura gave the second time check and told me I'd been running just over 10 minutes - didn't feel quite as long as that. Famous last thoughts.................during the second half of the run (just after the 15 minute stage) my legs began to feel tired for some reason and I wondered if I would be able to keep going to the end. I've come too far in this programme to give up now and so I managed to push on - keeping my focus on the next part of the route to aim for. When I got the last 5 minute call I knew I was going to finish and so it proved. I even managed to speed up a bit during the last 60 seconds. It's getting a bit scary now - so close to that final run - just two more left. Happy running and best wishes to you all.


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30 Replies

  • Well done! You're so close to the end now you must have such a great feeling of achievement :-)

  • Thank you. I think I'll get to the end before I start celebrating though - don't want to tempt fate! Cheers.

  • Well done - really pleased that you're storming through this and nearly at the end.

  • Thank you. Any news on your state of play at the moment? Hope your health problems are clearing up and you'll soon be back running again. Cheers.

  • Still no running (or even brisk walking) allowed for me according to physiotherapist this evening :-( I lose track but it's 3 weeks or so now.

  • Congratulations for getting this far, but remember it's not really the end but more the just the beginning of your future running adventures ;)

  • Thank you. I've already had a listen to the Speed. Stamina and Stepping Stones podcasts and have a R4L in June. Cheers.

  • Great stuff keep on going :)

  • Will do.

  • Well Done Fitmo on the start of the final week of c25k. It's within touching distance now! You must be so pleased with your achievements so far, keep it up! :)

  • Thank you. Very pleased but also very surprised that I've made it so far.

  • Well done...I remember you starting as we were about on the same week... you give me hope that I will get there....keep it going!!!

  • Believe it, you will get there. Where in the programme are you at the moment? Cheers.

  • Hi, I had to stop at week 5 run 2 due to illness and after a number of false starts have decided to start again from week 1...done today yay!!

  • Really well done for getting back into it. I dread having to take a break at the moment because I'm not sure I would have the perseverance to get back to it. Good luck, its amazing how quickly you get through the weeks.

  • If you had to take an enforced break (for any reason) you might well surprise yourself how much you would be missing the programme. The further into it you get the less likely you are to drop out if you did have to take a break. Cheers.

  • Well done Fitmo; you speeded up at the end - and wow just two to go. I'm impressed that the first ten minutes went so quickly.- I was thinking today that Laura has skived off for a cup of tea and left her watch behind.

  • Thank you. Our Laura is full of surprises - all the more to keep us on our toes. Cheers.

  • Crikey Fitmo! I'm getting dead nervous now.

    Take care, mind how you go. No dramas please!

  • You're nervous, how do you think I feel? I'm definitely taking it very carefully now as have too much at stake. Sticking to same route which has seen me through most of the programme. Cheers.

  • Many thanks you's. I think you are chasing my tail though? Cheers.

  • Well done fitmo. Heres to run 2 and 3!!

    Good luck

  • Thank you.

  • Excellent Fitmo! Within touching distance now. Just take those last two runs at a steady pace and you'll be there before you know it!

  • Yea! Good luck for next two runs. Don't disappear after you graduate, we count on your comments and inspiration!

  • I certainly shan't be disappearing after graduation - still too much to do with the follow on podcasts and R4L in June. Besides, I will want to cheer on some other people coming up to graduation and also encourage newcomers. Best wishes.

  • Excellent, Fitmo: the shiny graduation badge is in sight! It may be close to the end of C25K, but the start of much more fun in the world of running! Well done! :-)

  • That's great Fitmo, shall look forward to reading your graduation post soon! x

  • So exciting! You're doing so well. Enjoy your next 2 runs - you can do it!

  • well done Fitmo, look forward to reading that triumphant post soon :)

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