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Week 9 run1

In theory this is my last week , which is astonishing. I've just run the next one without thinking about the end goal. I am still not quite running the whole time without one very short walk but I mean a minute. Maybe it is more mental than physical the difference it makes. Will walking for such a short time make a difference? I know that I didn't run anywhere near as much in the 5 K run. It hurt today , in my glutes and less in my calves, but I kept telling myself I had to keep going. It was a horrible day today too, dark and cold but if I can do it in this weather it can only get better. I almost think I'll miss the forum. Is there one for runners who continue?

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People still post to,this forum after graduation, but there is another for 10k I think.


Hi p1M213, Great to hear you are on your Graduation week. When do you need the walk break, is it at about 8 to 10 mins into your run... If so you may be interested in reading this...


Starting very slowly and relaxing into a rythmn is something that happens as you do more of these longer runs. The more running you do, the better you become so just keep doing your 30 mins after graduating ( still with at least one days rest inbetween) and keep posting on this forum, and on the Bridge to 10k forum when/if you are ready.

It will help you stay motivated and is fun to keep up with everyone's journeys.

Good luck with Wk9😊x


Just wait for balmy spring runs.......you will love it!

Nearly at the finishing line.

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Bridge to 10k forum is here: healthunlocked.com/bridgeto10k

Many of the same faces on both forums.

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Don't worry about the end, which is graduation, because there is no end! A lot of postgraduates are hanging in there on this forum but if you feel you need other targets to keep motivatedn then, there's plenty on offer between increasing speed with the C25K+ podcasts and then go for the 10K forum.

About your minute walking in the run, definitely a mental block ;-) When do you do it? During the toxic ten, in the middle, or in the last part? In any case, it means you can still slow down. You could check the video Donna posted on slow jogging to give you an idea about the speed and the technique.

Enjoy your last undergraduate run and prepare for graduation!


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