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Week 9 Run 2 Nailed!

Hi Everyone, Finally remembered how to get into my blog-this site is sooo confusing!

Went out today-loads of dogs-I swear they'd all come just to see if I'd turn up! Good run today. One lady (they know how to time it now, lol!) said as I approached her "You're running very fast!" I replied, was I? I have no idea how fast I'm going so thank you very much! It made a difference to the rest of the run-the scenery WAS flying by!! I just hadn't noticed, focusing on my feet, my breathing, saying hello to people (and dogs), but this lady had brought it to my attention. My little legs were going like pistons-or was that only because I take short steps? :-). I finished on a high-then suddenly felt weepy as I realised that on Friday I would be saying a silent goodbye to Laura-the one person who had kept me on track and made reaching this goal possible with her encouragement and advice along the way.

On my warm down walk I'd gone around 3 minutes towards the car park, and was just calculating whether I needed to walk on past a bit before the 5m was up, when a lady dog walker called out to me and I stopped to speak to her. She told me that she was so impressed with my running having seen me from the start, and could I tell her more about it. So, I told her about C-5K, how it is structured enabling you to achieve your goal in 9 weeks, and how to find the website. I added that if she knew anybody, then please tell them-no money to pay except for a decent pair of trainers and an ipod or iphone. I said I will see her on Friday. I will be unmissable in my bright yellow and black T shirt, with the logo over it, as it is my Graduation Run. I intend to make it a fun run-pointing to the logo as I go by people and saying I'm a Graduate, I've done it-so anyone can!!

So pleased, as my husbands op has been postponed until Monday morning-so I can drop him off at the hospital on my way to go on my run. He will now be at home when I get there, so will have someone to share with :-)

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Well done!!!!


Well done. I am wondering if I can do it too, just done wk1 run 2 and it was fine. Can't imagine being able to do even 10 minutes though, never mind 30!! How was it at the start for you? I mean how was your general fitness/activity levels from the off? Look forward to seeing your graduation day post, and hope I can make it too!


Great blog Pearsey, sounds like you were an impresssive ambassador for c25k! It doesn't have to be goodbye to Laura when you graduate though, there's always the 5k+ podcasts. :-)


Thank you one and all. First question first. I could not put one foot in front of the other without being out of breath-general fitness, nil!! I've got Asthma-so much better now, and overweight too. Lost 5kgs.

I started week 1 with fear and trepidation when I heard Laura say you will run for 1 minute and recover walking for 3-I really was so scared. Anyway, I did it, and here I am! The reason being rfawag is that I stuck to the system! The plan is in place for a good reason, and if you decide you know better, you will fall down with a bang! Laura is the boss here. Listen to what she says and do it. She will never ask you to do anything that you cannot accomplish. She is there holding your hand-if you let her-all the way. Some go off and do their own thing, own music, timing etc., but my experience is that they get hurt-injuries etc. I haven't had one running session off in 9 weeks. I had a cold and still ran, though I know with hindsight I should have rested that time. If you're sick-don't run, you will do damage to your body.

Main thing is to enjoy what you are doing-have fun!! Run somewhere pleasant-preferably a park or, if like me you live by the sea, a nice park adjoining the sea. Anywhere where you will feel good!! Main thing is give yourself a pat on the back every time you complete a run. You are doing this for you, not anyone else and this will be a marathon, not a sprint. Don't start thinking because so and so has blogged they did it at that speed in this time that you have to compete-this is not a competition.

Above all log in to the blog every day if you can-loads of tips/ideas and most of all support from other bloggers. It's great! Good luck-and keep On Running!! :-)


Thank you notbad. I didn't realise Laura did the 5+ podcasts-that has cheered me up no end :-) I have downloaded them, but as I did all the way through I haven't peeped!


Thanks for that, I think! I live in the Durham Dales so have some beautiful and spectacular places to run. As a lifelong exercisephobe, there is no way I would do anything more than the plan requires. I really don't know if I can even do this, so have no big ideas about doing my own thing. I wouldn't know where to start which I why I am doing C25K in the first place. I just wanted to know if anyone as physically inept as me has achieved this within the given time. But all I can do is give it my best shot, I'm not in it to compete with anyone, as I would lose anyway!!


Yes, a few like me have started as exercisephobes and we've all gone on the graduation day-1. We seem to be all graduating this week-Friday and Saturday, and none of us can believe that we have achieved so much in such a short space of time-amazing! because it is is gradual and Laura is holding your hand you do it-simple as that.

Be more positive though-if you tell yourself constantly I can't do this-you won't, Law of Attraction. So go out there every t ime thinking I can do this, I know I can because I read about.....and he/she has been here before me and done it.

Durham is beautiful! You should find some lovely walks/runs round your area.

Best of luck :-) and don't forget we are all here and the support is second to none!


Great visulisation of your little legs, the dogs, the tears in the eyes and you running in your graduation t-shirt on Friday!! I think I will wear mine too for my final run, great idea!

Very well done Colette and for all your encouraging words to the newer ones here; if we can do it so can they..... So glad too that you will be able to go home and celebrate with your hubby now; more tears maybe?!

I was talking to my neighbour this week about C25K too as she said she saw we go out running and mentioned it to her daughter and now she is interested in it! Ambassadors indeed to the great cause.....

Good luck for your grad run and look forward to comparing notes! Sue x


Woop, Woop, you're so nearly there :) Another big graduation (virtual) party this week then. I've not been with Laura the last few runs, so decided tonight will be my final run with Laura, just as a thank you to her. I know she's on the C25K+ podcasts, but that'll be different as we'll have already graduated when we listen to those. I can feel that a new challege is required, you are so lucky to be able to run by the sea, can't get much further away from the sea in Oxfordshire :( Congratulations, looking forward to seeing your graduation badge. Time for me to order the t-shirt I think :)


Oh yes-the T shirt! Forgot to say I got the replacements-I do hope they shrink a bit in the wash. I've got short arms, so the cuffs will be under my chinny chin chin I think. Who cares anyway? The jogging pants arrived from Sports Direct today-as per usual I shall have to take them into Poole to have them shortened. Shame as would have looked good with the T shirt on Friday. Thanks for your comments Sue-yep you just about got it and the extra tears with hubby. Going to be a bit wet round here on Friday. Glad to hear your neighbours daughter is interested. Reckon we could get another 500 join between us all?

Yes Sharryn I'm nearly there! I do wish we could have an actual party at some point. Now that's an idea?? Oxfordshire is lovely! Nice parks and off road running. Hope your final run with Laura goes/went well? :-)


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