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Week 8 - run1

Didn't sleep well last night, mostly down to the heat, but partly because I was thinking about one of the posts yesterday about anxiety and all the advice given on that post. It got me wondering if I should change things up, I've been taking the same root on the same days at the same time for the whole of the program! Not only that where I go is off the beaten track, no easy access or roads very close, I quite often don't even see another person at all. I occasionally see a dog walker or another runner but mostly I don't see anyone.

Anyway I got up this morning at 5am and for the first time I felt nervous about going out on my usual route, wondered about running another way instead ( trouble is it's very hilly here and where I run now is about the only fairly flattish area, not sure with my weight running up and down hills would be too sensible.

I had almost talked myself out of going today, thinking I'll plan a new route today and run it another day, but I have really been enjoying the runs and I didn't want to let being tired or nervous stop me from continuing with my plan!

So I went out as usual, taking my usual route ( boy it was hot and very sunny) and took it slowly knowing I was stepping up to 28 minutes this week. I soon got into a natural pace, breathing settled, miming along to music as I ran lol.

At about 25 minutes a fly flew straight in my mouth and made choke, I kept going, coughing my guts up as I went lol, but shortly after that my right knee started hurting. (I have a weak knee anyway due to an old issue related to my spina bifida) so I kinda hobble-ran for a little while, thought I may have to stop, but wondered if I'd just pulled it out of place when I was coughing. So hoping it would settle again I kept trying to continue and at about 27 minutes it did and I was able to jog properly again. Then Laura said time to stop, but I felt good again and was back into a rhythm so I decided to keep going, I got to the end of the track onto the main road and although I could have carried on I stopped there, as it the perfect place to start my warm down walk and get in it before I get home. When I go home I checked run keeper and I'd run for 29 minutes 44 seconds, if I'd known it was that close to 30 minutes I'd have carried on lol!

Anyway I'm pleased I didn't talk myself out of it 😀 and pleased I passed the 28 minutes for this run and I am looking forward to my next run 😀

I think I will try to look at other places I can run, even if it means driving somewhere to do it 😀

Good luck to anyone running today 😀

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I DO think its still possible to run in the normal place... just take sensible precautions too? ( sorry if anything I said added to your ' fears' on this occasion) Buy a small spray of Mace.. add it to the things you carry.. job done?

Ok , 99.99 % of the time you WILL be safe .. ( and i am the LAST person to want to add to the ' fear' factor of kids/people not going out these days - things no better/worse now than they ever were) - just stay as safe as you possibly can and take the sensible precautions any woman should do when out alone?

Make sense? well done on the run! 29 m 44 secs!! soo close!! shows you are almost there!!


Thanks 😀, it wasn't any one persons comments, but the general ideas made me think, you know what I mean😀

Hope your next run goes well😀


Thanks hope so too


Wow !! you must've felt like you'd climbed a mountain, well done sounds inadequate - you did an amazing job!! the fly thing sucks but put that together with the knee and the doubts at the beginning you really should be very proud of yourself :-) I feel such a wimp reading your post as my tummy bug has scuppered my running this week and now I've fallen behind, am due to finish week 7 tomorrow and hope to catch up again next week.

I know what you're saying about same route, same time as that dark stuff has crossed my mind too but I told myself I'd been reading too many thrillers as I'm sure that kind of thing is nowhere near as commonplace as feared. Especially early in the morning, although having said that my flat route takes me through the centre of town so I do feel safe there. I do have routes that take me through the woods but I'll only run them early evening when they're busy but the weather has put paid to that #goddamheat

Keep on going and keep on enjoying it fellow runner, I'm on your tail :-)


Thanks😀 yeah I must admit I felt amazed at myself that I kept on going when I swallowed a fly lol, and then Wondered at what possessed me to carry on after Laura had said stop. But I really have no answer lol!

If I had a tummy bug I think I would probably have stayed at home too!

Yeah I had never really thought about the same root thing before, and don't really know why I let it get under my skin so much, it's strange. But once I was running I forgot all about it and was just enjoying the run.

I will have to change my route after graduation ( hark at me looking forward to after graduation already). I'm no where near 5k in the half hour so I'll need to find somewhere I can plan a 5k route to try to build up from running about 3k now to running the full 5k.

Anyway enjoy your next run I hope it's an amazing one!😀


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