W8R3 - C210K?

Wish I'd found this page before I started the C210K. I didn't know there was a C25k till about week 4. It's been pretty similar so far but next week is different. I did 30 minutes today after a week off due to the festivities and it was a long hard slog. I nearly gave up several times but managed to complete it. It's been so hard lately I'm thinking of doing 3 30 minute runs next week before continuing the c210k. Does that mean I can graduate the c25k? Has anyone else done C210K? I'm not even sure I want to do 10k but it was the first app I downloaded! I have to complete the stupid app now though I've started it.


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  • If you can run non-stop for 30 minutes - you have completed C25K :) There is another NHS forum additional to this one for people moving on to 10K - here healthunlocked.com/bridgeto10k It is generally considered a good idea to consolidate after first running for 30 minutes to do so for a while before moving onto longer distance. The reason being that the 9 weeks of C25K ( 27 days) isn't really a very long time for leg muscles to strengthen. There is really no rush to move on - do you have a parkrun anywhere near where you live? It is good to do enough 5K's such that you feel that you are doing them "strongly" (not necessarily fastly) . Strength/stamina over the 5K is really what is needed as a pre-requisite to go longer.

  • Thank you. I will do the 3 30 minutes next week then and graduate before moving on. I don't really know what a park run is?! But I live in Nottingham so I'm sure there will be one nearby. And thank you I will check out that website 😀

  • parkrun is the best thing since sliced bread was invented!!!!! :) - or since they put bubbles in beer!! parkrun.org.uk/ You can see here what parkrun is near you parkrun.org.uk/events/events/ - every Saturday morning, a free timed 5K run or walk with heaps of friends who you have not met yet :)

  • Morning Sparky1960. You live in Nottingham and don't know about Park run! Wow I live just over the border in South Yorkshire and recon you could find 10 runs within a 20 mile radius this morning. Beeston Park is flat and fast. Sherwood Pines is off road, hilly , demanding forestry commission land. Best wood county park is very steep hills. You got 12 mins to get to a start. Good luck.

  • Hi there. I’m going to give an answer to your post in a gerneral way because I have known a post like this get a bit out of hand.

    Graduation is 9 weeks of running with the final week being 3 x 30 mins. We do not give a graduation badge until you have been running for at least nine weeks. It is an honour system and we don’t check up on anyone but the rules are there to protect all our members. The NHS has deemed that it takes a full nine weeks to get your muscles and joints up to being ready for 30 Min runs so we do not deviate from that advice.

    It is your own decision how you proceed but I would think about taking more time to build up.

    Happy running.

  • Parkrun at Mansfield wood house, clumber park and near Stanton Hill, Sutton in Ashfield

    It’s great fun! 😃👍

  • Long Eaton is a flat course.

  • Thanks for the replies! Long Eaton sounds good, I like flat! I shall definitely look into it.

    As for the graduation, I had no intention of asking for the graduation badge now. If you read my post properly you would see I have just done w8r3 and was talking of doing 3 x 30 mins next week in line with c25k rather than w9 of c210k just yet so I could graduate c25k like everyone else on here. The rest of the c210k program has been the same up to now and I have built up gradually week on week like everyone else, in fact I repeated a week so have done more. I have never deviated, have stuck to the 3 runs a week and not worried one iota about pace. I have done everything to the letter and taken advice and looked for advice from people on here.

    I shall wait a few weeks for the park run until I can run it strongly like you said Bazza.

  • Give me a view days notice if you deceid to go to Rothervalley. It's ,20 mins from us. Us bring Rita and myself. Mike

  • Eek I've just looked up park run, there are loads near me! I didn't realise it was a 'thing'. I shall wait a couple of weeks till I've done a few more 30 minutes and I will definitely do one. Thanks guys xx

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