W8R3: Gremlins? Bah

Completed the run! YAY! It really felt as if all the gremlins might get the better of me;

My sore shoulders have been so bad the last few nights that I have started taking the meds prescribed which means I'm doubly tired;

My elderly dog is poorly again and had to go out during the night a couple of times for squitteroos;

late on parade due to tiredness, and had to walk dogs before run;

I should really have started work but went for a run feeling incredibly heavy- and then the podcast said the run wasn't available!!! argh. Tried again and managed to get the blasted thing to work. Technology eh...

Yes, rush hour makes it difficult if you have to cross the road a lot!

Yes, it's hard running red-faced past builders, dodging pushchairs and schoolkids!

Yes my right hip joint, shin and buttock were sore, and of course my face was red and dripping with sweat...

BUT I jogged on the spot when I had to wait at traffic lights / for a gap in traffic, and I kept going, finishing 4k in 28 minutes and 33 secs (I had to keep going until I heard the 4K come up). It was hard but I reminded myself that everyone says some runs are indeed hard.

So, week 9 next. So hard to believe! :)

Anyone tempted to have a go at this C25K milarky I say, as the Nike tag goes, Just Do It. what's the worst that can happen?!


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12 Replies

  • well done :) those gremlins will look for any chink to get a hold , got to get these little bugga's at bay :)

    It is truly amazing what Is possible when we put our minds to it , good luck for week 9 and onwards to graduation :D

  • thank you so much Rob :)

  • Well done Rainshine ! Dedication beyond the call of duty ! :-)

    You did so well sticking to the task in hand , Keep going , youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug 😀

    Really glad I completed and really grateful for your support too x

  • You could cut yourself some slack and stop at the traffic refuges. It will help you no end, puff wise.

    I had a poorly dog last week and it does make you so tired when you're out during the middle of the night doesn't it. You can't sleep cos you're on pins. I'm not running though so it doesn't matter that much to me. If you have lots to do, as well as trying to fit runs in, you have to get super organised and prepare food ahead. I do cos I know I will be dog tired (literally)

    Don't be worried about running too fast. Slow down and you'll be better off

    Gremlins! Don't even think about those. Banish all thoughts of them from your mind. They don't exist! Right?

    Keep going Rainy! Hang in there duck. You're nearly there x

  • Aww miss wobble thanks chuck. Got a bit emosh reading that x

  • Looks like you had a lot more to deal with there than just gremlins come to talk you into despair. The sore shoulders would put most people off risking hurting them more, and you can't just leave your poor old dog to suffer, so the sleep deprivation was real and necessary, too. Looks to me like when the purely gremlin-driven obstacles arrived, you just shoved them aside without too much parley. I mean, you had more of an obstacle course than a run, there.

    And you Just Did It! Fantastic. Now you're almost at the point where you need to start looking for the next challenge.

  • Thanks so much GaryBart. I am hoping to be brave enough to turn out for a parkrun on Saturday- even though it will be my first one and it won't be at my home base- think I might have the time between now and then as rest days and do W9R1 as parkrun... and if course there's always trying to get a bit more speed/ ability to run uphill when I graduate (NOT 'if' I graduate!).

    thanks again :)

  • You'll have a lovely parkrun on Saturday (and better "late" than never). Maybe deliberately hold off the pace a bit, just to soak up the atmosphere, and keep holding off enough to still have something left in the legs when your c25k run is done. That way you could run a bit further (just remembering to stay as sensible as possible), and see how much of the 5km you can complete. (And if you leave some for later, you have a short term goal to go for, right there).

    Oh yes, I think it's definitely a matter of When (and no "if"s about it) you graduate, now.

  • Oh cripes, it never rains but it pours. You should change your name to "rainbow" instead. :) Make sure you don't ignore those pains though if they keep telling you they're there - ignoring them could be unwise. Well done for adopting the "no excuses" approach and getting the run done though - I find the programme amazing for the way it shaped up my self-discipline. I used to be a real wimp. Now I've done C25K, I'm like the hob-nob in Peter Kay's sketch. :D

  • thanks so much Mfam! Rainbow is rather lovely :)

    I am wondering if it's due to pavement slope- perhaps I should run the other way round next time (that would be widdershins though (anti-clockwise round the route in modern parlay)- got to be careful of that!

    I totally agree about the programme. It makes me enthusiastic to do the run despite not wanting to, in a strange way! :)

  • Widdershins? I like that word. *Adopted* :D It could be the slope on the pavement, you're right - I have learned to avoid running on the camber of the country roads I run along for that very reason. Otherwise, maybe you should have your gait analyzed to see if you put more pressure on one side or the other, or maybe have one leg slightly shorter than the other? (it appears to be quite common). The programme definitely wakes up the determined little kid in us.