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W8R3 - completed!!!


Still don't know how I got here!

To be this close to graduation is just huge for me...

It's not just about the running. It's about the fact I didn't give up on myself for once. Every run has been a mental battle to squash the excuses that my head comes up with every time I get ready to get out there.

Today was no different. Despite being so close to the end, I still had to convince my head we were running today and I know I'll need to convince myself 3 more times next week to graduate. And after that.

But if I can get this far, who knows how far I can go in the future?! It's a hill I want to continue to climb becuase I really want to see what's on the other side.

Every day I go out and complete a run is another step closer. I could almost cry today...it's quite emotional to be so close now...

Today marks the end of a stressful week, but it closes on a high because in spite of that, I went out today and I completed week 8. It was a good run and I'm getting stronger every time.

You have all kept me going and when I talk about C25K I always tell everyone about the great community forum and the support you receive.

It's overwhelming and really has restored my faith in humanity. If you can be anything, be kind ❤️

Plenty of that here xx

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Well done completing week 8 .

A great achievement,

I can relate with the mental battle !

Those gremlins do not give up easily !

As you say , this community is excellent !

Without a doubt it makes a huge difference!

So onto the final week !

I found week 9 quite emotional, especially that graduation run 😁


Well done!!! One more week! You’ve got this! X


Tell yourself " well done" Burkey46 👍 and remember it's only 3 more runs 3.2.1 time doesn't matter, speed doesn't matter, what matters is you did this for you. The journey from sofa surfing to accomplishment of C25k is a fantastic one. And the buzz and the smug warm feeling it gives you is brilliant.

And hey keep on running, I mean why wouldn't you want to?

Woo hoo x nearly there !!! You are so right to be proud xx 😘


Well done Burkey46 you nearly there and you are a runner 🏃‍♀️ not long to be a graduate 🎓 👍


Awesome!!! Welcome to Week 9!


Well done you should be so proud. It's great to see people progress and see the ups and downs knowing that they came through the other side and carried on.

Well done and keep it up 👍👍


I love this post ! So proud of you ...look you can see the finish line that you are going to skip over ! I will be just behind you xx


So good to read as usual 👍 Glad it was such a good run and that you’re feeling stronger... in so many ways I think 😊

Only 3 to go 🏃‍♀️and what an amazing feeling and achievement it will be 🎉

Hope you can put to bed your horrid week and have a lovely weekend xx

Burkey46Graduate in reply to CazzaW

Thanks Cazza, ❤️


Fabulous, well done Burkey46, there’s definitely something about this running business along with the support in this community, a winning recipe I think... 9 months in now for me and going slowly but strong, me and my gremlins are making friends, they know each other so much better now 😉 There will be a welcoming parade out for you and your fellow graduates next week to cheer you all across the line 🏃‍♀️🤗


Absolutely brilliantly done and what a great post. I’m one run behind you and, like you, have gained the belief and motivation to succeed at this and, even more amazingly, to continue beyond.

Good luck for the three runs to come and for graduation 🎓 WHEN it happens next week.

Found myself nodding whilst reading your post. We don’t just run for our bodies, do we? We run for the mind.

Big congrats on your journey so far Burkey. Like you, it’s the ‘what’s over the hill’ that keeps me motivated for all the new possibilities in front of us 🤩

Keep doing your thing, you’re smashing it. Week 9 is going to be an incredible week! 🙌🏼


Flippin’ well done Burkey! You are slaying those gremlins!

Onwards and upwards into Week 9!

Go you! 👊💥🏃🏻‍♀️🐌🐢✨


I found it was the day I truly believed that i could do it was the most emotional. I cried while running!

You are doing fantastic

This time next week..........

Thank you so much for sharing your journey and well done on how far you've come. Just one more week to go!


Such an uplifting post and well done on being so so close graduation! I think it is an emotional thing to do, like you say, and this forum is truly inspiring! Best of luck with your final week 🙂

Well done you

We have our journeys and you are smashing yours.

So great to have the support too.

I almost cried the other day when my app crashed. Not

Being able to keep up with others progress and support.

Still not completely fixed as I am getting undated with emails I have also ended up with two sign but I don’t care I can follow again and am feeling the same very emotional too.

I fell over on a run Monday and firstly wasn’t hurt, bruised but fine and no one saw thankfully. Great whale and all.

I got today early and ran like a Japanese Walker. Slow until 10mins picked up my stride and when I past the fall drive did a happy dance. There are many wet leaves so if it gets worse I shall go a gym.

Roll on Monday wk8r3 have a great weekend

Burkey46Graduate in reply to QuiltC25K

Thank you lovely.

Got to keep picking ourselves up and ploughing on.

You have a great weekend too xx

QuiltC25K in reply to Burkey46



Sending massive congratulations and virtual hugs Burkey.

You are a champion!!!

Burkey46Graduate in reply to VPOLLIE67

One more week VP 💪😊🏃‍♀️


Can’t wait and apprehensive about not having Jo keeping me going!!!

Brilliant effort. You’re made of strong stuff kid.


I'm really looking forward to you completing this - I'm glad you're proud of yourself and you'll be even more proud when you've finished, we all will be.

I've enjoyed reading every update and your replies to everyone is great and just makes us all want to encourage you and each other.

Smashing it 😊

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