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Week 7 completed in relatively tropical conditions

I was feeling a little tired and under the weather this morning and thought it was far too cold to go for a run. Why not leave it another day and go tomorrow instead I told myself. Maybe I would slip on a patch of ice or make myself feel worse by using up any energy I had left after my little bug? But then I made the mistake of opening up this site and saw a picture of an amazing woman who had just come back from a run in -29C!! Icicles on her eyelashes!! I checked the weather again in arctic Berkshire , 1C. On came the running kit and i was out the door. Can't say I loved every minute of it but was surprised that I was not tired - legs felt like they could go on forever. They seemed detached from my mind somehow...which always helps. So that is week 7 done. Thank you icicle eyelash lady :)

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Well done on a great run 👏


Thank you!


Well done! I finished W7R3 today too! Week 8 becons...


It does indeed and well done to you also! When are you running your first week 8 run? I will try and do it after tomorrow.


W8R1 will be on Sat for me.


Same as me then :) best of luck for Saturday!

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