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Week 7 Run 1

After a pretty abismal week 6 run 3, I was not looking forward to week 7 run 1. The last run of week 6 I ran when it was getting close to dusk and the route I took saw me needing to cross a road without losing my jogging pace. It was nearly 5pm and the roads were very busy! So I sort of ran forwards and backwards on a little stretch of grass until I could cross. By the time I could cross Laura had told me I had finished. I really wanted to end on a high but it was just disheartening! So I had a busy weekend ahead of me and vowed to go running again Sunday.

Sunday came and went and so did Monday...

I was losing the umph I had for running. I loved the feeling of accomplishing a long distance run but I was scared that my body just could not handle it. I felt like if I gave up then at least I would have chosen that path rather than run and have to stop. That means I would have failed and that was a worser fate to endure.

Nevertheless, I woke Tuesday and put my running gear on. This always consciously tells me that I've bothered to put this on so I have to go for a run. I normally procrastinate for a while (today it was the ironing) and then I set off at 9.20am.

I have to admit i quite enjoyed myself. When my head tells me it wants to stop I ask myself "am I in physical pain?" And the answer is always no. And it just kills that mental barrier. Achievement, especially in exercise, is something I do not associate myself with often but today I was proud of myself.

I ran 4.06km in 25 minutes and the fact I can run 25 minutes means I should be able to run 30 right?

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Yes! Sounds like you're doing great and you've got a postive mental attitude.


I'm getting there :)


I agree with ross, your mind is your biggest hurdle. I have the same problem,

even though i am physically fine my brain wants to stop. Ignore your brain

telling you to stop and keep going. Good luck, Ed x


It's your brain saying "you do not normally partake in such activities, so why are you subjecting yourself to this exercise now?".

I think it's not something that is going to go for a while yet but hopefully by the time I get that shiny green graduate badge :)

Thanks, I think I need the luck.



Absolutely right!! You can run 30 minutes...and more!! You hit the nail on the head when you talked about the mental barrier!! Once you conquer the mental part of running, you have overcome the biggest hurdle!!

Please don't worry too much about W6. It is over. W6 was one of the hardest in the program for me. W6...why mention are in W7!!!!! :-)

Well done!! You are drawing closer and closer to the wonderful "Graduate" badge!!

Keep Running!!! :-)



I can't wait to give myself the perfect Christmas present of the graduate badge! I still feel like it's a long way away tho.

It's so nice to have the support of all you fellow runners who have been through exactly the same feelings.



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