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STILL on the couch πŸ˜•

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Good Afternoon 😊

Still on the couch after 13 days of no running!!!rubbish sinus infection & feeling rubbish!!!people have been recommending menthol crystals so i thought i would give them a go.tiny little innocent looking crystals in a teeny tiny little pot...well...these things are HARDCORE!!!very nearly blew my head off😨i am fairly sure that by the time this nasty lurgy has disappeared i wont be running again until the New Year!!!πŸ˜•

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So sorry to hear you are poorly (again). Are you sure those are menthol crystals and you're not taking illegal substances?? ;)

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Haha πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ i'm sure that if they were they would be much more fun!!!πŸ˜‰


Oh dear, this is taking some time to go away. Try and keep active, even if you cannot run.

I saw this on fb a couple of days ago...:

Police in West Berkshire have reported a tanker overturned on the M4 and spilled a load of Vicks Vapour Rub. They're pleased to announce that there will be no congestion in the area for 8 hours. :-)

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Haha 🀣

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Boom boom!!!!

Pfft what a real bummer......grrr. I will start next week again, but maybe from wk 4. Chin up :)

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Thankyou 😊

Ooooh Claire😐...have you got that horrible nasal drip in your throat that keeps you awake at night? I had that a couple of years ago and it took ages to clear up...

I do hope you feel well enough to enjoy Christmas, and you will get back into your running in the New Year all recovered, rested and full of va va voom 😊xxx Take care..

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Oh no you poor thing you have had it for ages! Did you go to the doctors? I have tried those crystals before they make your eyes Smart a bit don’t they 😳 I have joined you on the couch 🀧😷 so week 5 run 3 will have to wait 😬 I hope you feel better really soon x

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I did go & got given some antibiotics but they dont seem to be helping this time!!!


I hope it clears up soon: get yourself properly well...the running will wait. I know what that dripping down your throats is like: those monstrous dogs of mine flattened me a few months back ( their idea of fun) and broke my nose. Didn't hurt too much but the blood dripping drove me insane for many days.


Sorry to hear that Claire, here I am moaning about not getting out since Saturday, get well soon and I'm sure you will be out running soon.

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Hey Claire.. sorry your still suffering, nasty bugs going around at the mo.

I’m sure you will be back at it soon, take a restful break over Christmas and don’t worry about taking a long break, just completed my first run in just over a month due to bad back, took it slow and steady but managed to complete the run...

Have a great Christmas and hope your crystal meth helps you feel better πŸ‘€

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Haha thankyou 😊

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