still struggling on the couch

Now had some sort of viral illness for 3 weeks now I had about 4 days respite of feeling ok in the middle but the weather was too dangerous to run. Not possible I would say in 60 miles an hour gusts.

Right now the chest hacking cough is upon me and despite feeling ill, I feel more guilty not running and wondering if I would be able to run again.

Seems silly I know but its my first cold/viral illness in 3 years and its washing my out. The dogs are lucky they have been walked about 1km a day right now.

This cold/cough need to start going now before I forgot where I left my running shoes.

I feel very envious seeing other people run at the moment.


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  • Know how you feel, I've had to take a while off for the same thing. Looking forward to getting back into it

  • Well grat its taking me till today 1st January to feel like my old self again. I plan to run starting on the 5th Jan.

  • Same here, I've been doing week 5 run 1 for my 3 runs this week to get me back in the flow. Starting today I'm going to do week 5 normally and see how I go, had to change my running days to Sun, Tues and Thurs so today it is :)

  • I'm really relating to your post! I had a viral thing for several weeks and was just getting back to running when the weather got hideous. My running opportunities are limited anyway because of work, and my recent 'running windows' have coincided with either horizontal sleet, very high winds or hard ice! I'm trying hard to be patient, and dreaming of calm, clear weather over Christmas! I should probably use the enforced break to learn how to use my Garmin properly too......

    Hope you get back off the couch again soon :)

  • Off the couch and feeling better CKC1 but its taking much longer than expected, as it turned out to be the flu. Now feeling better but waiting till next week to start again, only doing 4-5k for a while

  • Today's the day I get back into it properly, shouldn't be any problems the weather as using a treadmill in my mancave lol ( as the cold would definitely put me off)

  • Take it easy, the rule is supposed to be anything below the neck is a no-no, so that chesty cough needs to clear first. I'm going to try to get out tonight for the first time in 2.5 weeks, I've been feeling guilty too!

  • Ready willing but hopefully the lack of fitness means I will be able. Today is the first real day of feeling much better.

  • Hope you're feeling better soon butterscotch. I'm really frustrated as well at the moment been nearly 9 weeks I've been on the couch since my shoulder op, hope to start again in the New Year probably go back to week one with Laura . Pat

  • Oh pat I don't blame you for starting over, when you get your trainers again. At last I am off the couch with what turned out to be flu, that's probably explains the tiredness.

    ready to plant me Asics trainers back on the ground again.

    Look after yourself and lets hope 2015, sees us both back to our old self's again.

  • 3 weeks tomorrow since I last ran, and still too ill to even consider it with a hacking cough and cold. First lay-off for me and Ianno. Seems like 2 viruses with mid-break liadsvof people have. Longing to feel well again and get back to it.

  • Hi Madame Truffe, hope your better and ready to run again. Today is the first of what I feel like is my old self again. I plan to do short runs weather permitting so about 4 to 5k.

  • I know how frustrated you feel. I got glandular fever in April and with one problem after another (too tedious to list!) have only run about half a dozen times since. I did find though that when I could I was not back to "square one". Hope you feel better soon but don't rush it !

  • Old stager I am back in the mind-set both physically and mentally for running from today but starting on Monday weather permitting. Hope your ok.

  • With you all the way. I haven't run for nearly 2 weeks now and every day think 'maybe tomorrow'. But I still have that cough and until I'm no longer coughing up stuff had better be sensible. Like they say, below the neck be careful.

    And I was doing so well, having only graduated in November ... :(

    There's a lot of it about at the moment!

  • I got there in the end Kellywillow. I feel better today but doing long walks before I start a short run on Monday.

    Your will get back to it and take things easy too.

  • If you feel like a run then go and have one! Getting out will lift your mood I suspect. I have been out with the dog today and had to start opening coat, bodywarmer etc as I was getting way too warm. Lots of folks were out and about as it seems degrees warmer than yesterday

    Just have an easy jog and see how it goes

  • Not been well enough misswobble. it turned out to be the flu, so lacking in energy meant I could hardly get out at all. Now for the first time I am starting to get interested in my running gear and planning a run on Monday weather permitting.

  • Poor you! Make sure you look after yourself.....x

  • Thanks for the concern, it turned out to be flu. So getting ready now to start again with small runs only for a while.

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