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Week 9 scuppered again!


This is getting frustrating. Weeks 1 through 8 all completed without any issues other than shin splints on the first of the longer runs, and I’m still trying to do week 9 more than 2 weeks after starting it.

Just over 2 weeks ago I had to abandon w9r1 with calf pain after just 2 minutes. Last Thursday I managed to complete that run no problem. Last night I headed out for run 2 and exactly 10 minutes in I felt the same calf twinge badly enough to make me slow to a walk. I walked for another 5 mins and it felt fine again, so sped up again. Another 8 minutes and the feeling of tightness came back. I slowed to a walk again and walked home. It’s not painful but it feels tight, so I’ll have to rest it again.

Looks like my plan to graduate before Christmas is out of the window 😔

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A..thats such a shame 😕 any setbacks are so frustrating but more so when you have got so far with no issues & so near to finishing!!!I know its rubbish but you will do this...it might just have to be a new year victory rather than a christmas one 😊

JANETTEMYLES64 in reply to Hidden

I'm recovering from shin splints. The worst pain ever. Hopefully I will get back to running after the year.

MikeJones68Graduate in reply to JANETTEMYLES64

Hope they get better soon. Luckily the shin splints only lasted a few days and weren't bad enough to stop me, unlike the calf issue!

MikeJones68Graduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks Claire. Indeed! Looks like next year has a few things for me to look forward to ;)

Hidden in reply to MikeJones68

Well thats good to hear 😊


Unlucky mate. I'm trying to graduate before Christmas as well so can only imagine how frustrated you must be, I hope you recover quickly and get those last runs completed as soon as possible.

MikeJones68Graduate in reply to Hidden

Very frustrating having come so far without any major issues :(


If it's bad enough to make you walk then you're doing the right thing, another week or two getting right to be able to run for the rest of your life isn't to bad a trade off


Hi Mike, I do sympathise - I'm just getting going again after the same problem.

I rested from running until I was completely pain free ( so for me, that took 12 days ) & did gentle stretches & non impact exercise. I have restarted cautiously because I decided that limited running was better than setting myself back into no running. Currently I am doing run / walk sessions building up the minutes gradually. My first trip out I used the W1R1 pattern to make sure all was ok. Today I just did two lots of five minutes and then eight minutes with very brief walks between. It may be that I am being over cautious, but I'm very keen not to return to the IC. Good luck. 😃

MikeJones68Graduate in reply to Elfe5

Thank you. The tightness is actually lower this time, so I am wondering if I have a weakness due to a bad ankle sprain I sustained playing badminton about 4 years ago. I think I'll let it recover until after Christmas now and see how it goes. I'll try to do some brisk walks in the meantime to try and keep my fitness level up a bit.

Hi Mike, sorry to hear this news about your calf. I have no experience of this but I know Oldfloss has recovered from a nasty calf injury (by getting some exercises from a sports physio I think)..

Its important to get this sorted as it will affect your running in the future, not just trying to get to graduation, and I realise how frustrating this is but there is no point trying to run on an injury.

Definately take some time out, keep checking in on here to get your running fix 😆 and we will cheer you on the podium when you are fully fit.😊xx

MikeJones68Graduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thanks Jan. It's not actually painful now, just a slight tightness on stairs. I will try not to overdo it on the mince pies over the next week or so and hopefully will be able to continue week 9 where I left off.

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