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Week 8/2: first run I have not been able to complete

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Haven't run for a week due to the weather, but got out there this morning. Legs felt like lead from the start and I just had to stop after 15 minutes. I then walked for about 8 and then ran for another 9. So 24 minutes in total, but an uncompleted 8/2.

Although I wish I could have completed, I actually feel ok about stopping as it felt such an utter relief. Doing another 9 minutes after a walk felt heroic and I know this is still way better than staying on the couch.

Graduation date deferred for a little longer...

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That's a shame. View it as a bonus training run and not as a disaster. x

Well done for getting out there! This is a hard time of year, so I reckon we should all count any running we do as little victories! Keep that positive attitude and you'll have graduated before you know it!

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misswobbleGraduate in reply to Cheery_runner61

It's ok to walk. Don't worry about it. The best runners do it. I know that cos I just read Scott Jurek's book

Thank you! I think I felt a little afraid of 'do it once, do it every time' but there is no reason to think that will happen really as I have previously managed 28 mins. And I am very motivated to reach graduation. I see other testimonies on here of not so good runs and then going on to complete full runs again which is encouraging.

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You got out there and gave it a go - so that counts as a success! Well done! It is important to listen to your body (and ignore your brain!) . Be realistic on your next run and see how you feel.

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lemondoodle in reply to deb54

Very good advice, thank you. I'm letting go of a specific date to graduate on - I need to do in my body's right time.

Thanks for your support everyone - really appreciated. It was the forum that got me out of bed to go running at all today :)

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Fitfor60Graduate in reply to lemondoodle

And you DID get out out of bed so well done Remember what everyone says-- there is no such thing as a bad run Some just dont go quite as you expect I am sure next run will be better Graduation is not too far away now just hang in there

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lemondoodle in reply to Fitfor60

Thanks Fitfor. Collecting my garmin 10 tomorrow so have to go for another run soon :)

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What the dickins are you talking about? This was a resounding success! Who the heck says you can't stop for a breather walk if you want? As far as I'm concerned you did good. Real good. And obviously, you'd like to do 8/2 as Laura says - so do it on your next run. You're so close to that shiny graduation badge, I bet you can almost smell it!

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lemondoodle in reply to danzargo

Your right, I should call it a 'not so good run' just because it wasn't what I planned. I still did fab, and thank you for seeing it as such a success. And of course it was really wasn't it. I just think it was the first time I didn't compete what I had set out to do: you know what it's like when you are itching to complete the plan... I just want that shiny badge :)

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Hey doodle, don't worry I feel your pain! I have been ill and just done w8r2...went very very slowly :)

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lemondoodle in reply to P1glet1

Ooh, poor you P1glet. Well done for completing however slowly! I love the support on here.

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