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Week 8, Run 1, didn't quite happen

I was looking forward to my first run of week 8, maybe I set off too fast, tortoise rather than snail felt good to start with then about 7 minutes into the run the problem with my calf reared its ugly head again, the last two runs I had done were fine (thought I had sorted it). So I walked the rest of the way, feels fine while I'm walking but will rest it again tomorrow and hope it behaves on the next try. Down but not beaten.

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Hi Newyorker, sorry to hear you have a problem, but I admire your fighting spirit!

I've noticed as I'm getting further through the programme that my calves are staying tighter for longer. When I came on here and asked the question I found out that I am not holding the stretches for long enough at the end of the session. Some of the runners on here repeat their stretches too.

I'm not sure what your calf problem is but hopefully it will right itself sooner rather than later. Good luck with the rest of the programme.


Thanks, not completely sure myself. Pain starts to the side of the calf and gives me a dead leg feeling. Deep heat, tonic water (quinine for cramp), rest and away we go. Come to think of it the tonic water ran out (strictly no gin) maybe I can rectify that after all. Here's hoping (not hopping) for my next run ;)


Some of the people on here have mentioned before about having an anti-inflammatory about an hour before their run. maybe that might be worth a try too?

Good luck :)


Thanks I will give it a go.


Thanks again, I think the rest and anti-inflammatory really helped, managed week 8 run 1 no problemo this morning :) hope it continues.


Fab, lets hope it sees you through for the next 5 runs to graduation too :)


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