Week 9 not going to happen just now

Following bad knee pain in week 8, I rested for a couple of weeks (until I could walk again without pain) and restarted a bit further back, but sad to say after completing week 8 on Saturday, when I stopped running and started to walk, my knee was so sore it didn't want to weight bear. It hadn't been sore when I was running. Tonight I set off for w9r1 but had to stop after 2 minutes running as my knee was too painful and didn't want to carry any load. I have never given up on any run before this and am so frustrated to be so close to the finish but not able to run. Realistically I think there is repair work needed rather than just rest. I think completing C25k will need to wait a while. :-(


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  • I seem to be in the same boat, I've had knee problems since the beginning of the program. A little pain to start with that was bearable the biggest issue was being able to walk up and downstairs. Week 8 was terrible, at the end of week 8 I could barely come downstairs at all and my whole left side felt out of kilter when I was walking, I was definitely compensating for something.I had a longer rest period between R3W8 5 days and W9R1 and on Sunday tried again, I could only manage 20mins and felt like crying at the frustration. I'm determined not to give up and as knees feel fine this morning will go again tonight and see how I go. I don't want to give up on the plan so close to the end, any advice greatly appreciated.

  • Good luck with your run today but don't cause long term damage by ignoring the underlying problem.

  • I know it's been said many times , but just in case ! Have you both got proper running shoes & had gait analyst ? Coz my knees killed at about wk 4 got new trainers & problem disappeared . If rest doesn't help then it's a visit to docs to get examined to be on safe side . Take care & don't push yourselves through any pain . Good luck

  • Yes, I've had my gait analysed and have good running shoes. I think my problem goes back to an old injury from my hill walking days. Next is a visit to gp for me. But still desperate to get those last 3 runs done!

  • This happened to me at exactly the same stage of c25k. I ended up resting for 12 days. RICE when ever I could. I have since completed the programme on Sunday. I'm always aware of niggles in my knees, sometimes in my calf and I just take extra rest days. But I do know how frustrating it can be. Take care and you will get back out there again.

  • If your knee is really sore get it checked out. I limped home from a run in 2012 and GP sent me to Physio who diagnosed it as a torn or badly damaged meniscus, and said that if I had continued running I would have made it much worse. Running through pain in knees etc. may do more harm than good.

  • Ran tonight and no pain at all in knees! It was great however I am still struggling to walk up and downstairs! Not sure why that would be the case, but that appears to be where my pain is coming from!

  • Well done Mrsc26. My knee is not so sore today, so am going to follow your example and try again tomorrow.

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