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1st post graduate run

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Did my first post- graduate run today by re-doing a week 9 run. Think I will do a few more of those as it is familiar. Was quite cold this evening but had several layers on and my body felt warm and just right. Had to be careful of some icy patches . I did 5 k over the whole program including the walks. My speed was 8 min/ km.

Quite achy now actually and hope I will sleep well . Goodnight fellow runners :-)

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Well done... Just take care out there... a new Graduate with an injury, is not what we want :)

Well done on your run, stay safe 🏃‍♀️

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well done and yes repeating those runs will help build some strength into those running legs

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bsimonuk in reply to rolysmate

Although the run went well. I did feel tired today as I didn’t sleep so well .

Maybe that will get better as I get more used to the 30 mins runs ?

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rolysmateGraduate in reply to bsimonuk

You will without doubt get stronger and running 5k will become "easier"

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