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1st post graduate run

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So my first post graduate run was my first ever 5k race and... I did it! I was only running about 4k in 30 minutes in my last run with Laura, and it took me about 39 mins to do the 5k - and I walked some of the last 1k - but I did it!

This is such a great programme. There is no way I would have even contemplated doing this otherwise.

I just need to make sure I keep it up now...!

9 Replies
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Well done! Enjoy your consolidation runs. Your feet can take you wherever you want to go now! 👏👍😊

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Well done but don’t try to go too far too fast. Check out the post grad pinned post if you haven’t been sent it already. 3 weeks consolidation is recommended to avoid injuries. 🏃‍♀️

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Go ClarePF!! Brilliant! ❤️

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Well done Clare - it took me just over 50 mins for my first 5K so you are awesome 👏🏿

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ClarePFGraduate in reply to KazH01

I’m just so pleased to have got round... even with a little walk in the last km!

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Well done. That’s amazing. And bringing me hope that I’ll be there soon. Congratulations 😊

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That’s encouraging! Well done!

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Well done, Clare!! :) Congratulations for finishing your first 5k race!! :) My race is tomorrow and I'm so nervous! I planned that I'll need 35 minutes for the 5 kms ... so you did a really good job with your 39 minutes! But for me the time is not important ... I just want to finish because tomorrow we will have about 30 degrees here, omg!!

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Well done that's amazing. I'm on week 8 and only covering about 3km in 28 mins so that's great. Juts think how far you have come and what you have achieved. We'll done you!

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