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I yet to reach the 5k run in 30 minutes I'm not worrying about it but intend to conquer it one day. I graduated the c25k last year and tried to carry on but work, family, community put my running on halt. Yesterday I start the 5k again after a few months trying I ran 2 solid days of W1R1 and felt great on the 2nd day. I've decided to run each week for 5 solid days non stop for example W1R1 run that from Monday to Friday and W2 and so on and see how I go after all once you've graduated you can pick and choose how you want to run the podcast.

I wonder if anyone else has run the c25k for 5 solid days non stop and how did they feel about it.

Have a good weekend all.


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  • Nope..:(

    The C25K programme, and this forum. is all about a slow and steady build up. If you did this and graduated, then you know that, and if you have not been running for a while, then you know too, that to run on consecutive days is a no-go!

    If you are wanting to get back on the running path, then it might be an idea to repeat C25K, slowly and steadily, or as you say, now you have graduated, you want to extend your running and to start a slow build up towards greater distances, then maybe start using another plan ?

    The Bridge to 10K forum is a great place to begin that, with lots of advice from seasoned graduates who will give you lots of advice and tips about other plans:)

  • My experience is that people post on C25K forum about crazy ideas that they have, and then end up getting injured.

    Running makes micro-tears in your muscle fibres. They take up to 48 hours to repair. That is why we have rest days.

    After all once you've graduated you can pick and choose how you want to run the podcast.: Did you learn nothing?

    My advice: FOLLOW. THE. PROGRAM.

  • Hi Oldfloss and MarkyD,

    Thanks for your messages. Though I have not been able to carry on with the c25k after graduation but I must say I have kept myself fit by walking everywhere instead of taking any form of transport and when I can I've walked for two hours 5-6 days a week and have done keep fit video for 5 days a week at night when my home has settled for the night and no one bothering me.

    I feel my body is fit enough to be able to run the c25k for 5 days a week that is why I'm starting with W1 for five days so to build up. My body is used to exercises and keeping fit.

    I've been keeping fit since my son was born 23 years ago hardly a year gone by I have not done some sort of exercise.

    I did try the 10k but felt I was not ready and stick with c25k for a bit longer or at least when I've reached the goal of 5k in 30 minutes. Not long had a check up with my doctor who said my heart is beating strong. I eat healthily, don't eat red meat, don't drink alcohol, or smoke and most days eat plenty of organic fruits and vegetables, liver, kidney, black pudding all rich in iron and vitamins and fish. No cows milk or grains, I only use coconut oil for cooking and drink plenty of pure coconut water.

    I felt great today when I was running W1R1 two days in a row and that after doing 4 days of keep fit dancing videos.

    Anyway I shall try the c25k 5 days a week and see how I go and would comment about it in case anyone else would like to try.

    Good night. xx

  • Not a good idea... however fit you feel you MarkyD says, running is a completely different animal to other exercise...

    Take the advice of the seasoned graduates...too many folk just lately on the forum, have felt the need for speed and really come unstuck. Most have simply disappeared or ended up on the IC....:( Rignold wrote a reply laying out the dangers of trying too hard too fast and he is one of the fittest, strongest and most inspirational forum family; check his posts out!!

  • I appreciate your advice Oldfloss but without being disrespect I think you are getting the wrong idea or you have a problem with speed and thinking that I'm running way too fast there was never a mentioned about speed in my original posts. I'm not running for speed I'm running for health and for feel good factor. I take my body seriously and know what it can and cannot do and only I who knows about my body no one else.

    Everybody is different some can run slow and can drop dead too. I only wanted to know who has run the c25k for 5 days in a row I didn't come here to have to explain about my health and fitness or if I should run fast or slow.

    No hard feeling I'm an upfront person and speak my mind.


  • Cross wires I think....:)

    I was not referring to your running pace..:) We all run at different speeds, obviously...:)

    I completed my 5K in 30 minutes within nine weeks, two and a half years ago, when I Graduated, ( I thought I had to...duh)...but I now run at a varying pace, sometimes fairly quickly for an old bird, but often slowly,...especially since I am running much further now :)

    I was simply talking about your speed in reference to going from Zero runs to 5 runs, in a week :)

    No offence intended from me either...just clarifying that C25K is a programme intended to get a non runner to 5K in however many weeks it takes...:)

  • So you have ticked off the runs of C25K, have graduated, lapsed in your running, but for some reason seem to believe that you are a super human. I sincerely wish you may need it. Far better to heed the warnings above and follow a graduated training plan, tried and tested and devised by people who know how the body develops, rather than rashly guessing.

    Injury is demotivating and is not the route to 5k in 30 minutes.

  • Iannoda,

    I don't believe I'm super human but I believe I can run the c25k 5 days in a row because I know my body better than any one else and listen and take any warning sign seriously.

    Every one body works differently I'm listening to mine and will only listen to mine that's more important even the tried and tested can cause damage to another person because like I say every ones body works differently to their own strength. I've got a friend well in his late 60s running mini marathon 7 days a week and had run several Marathon. I'm sure most of you have come across people in their 60s and 70s running 5 days a week.

    Please guys I do not want to have to justify myself with my running to anyone on here it is my problem what I do or not do with my body it is not any one in this forum problems.

    Have a good day all. No hard feeling.

  • I have followed this forum for four years and have heard the verdict of TOO MUCH, TOO SOON, delivered by professionals dealing with runners who have plainly overdone it. I can recall one runner who was advised to give up running because he had done permanent damage by doing too much, too soon. Of course you know your body better than anyone else, but our advice is based on experience and is offered to help you avoiding damaging yourself.

    Yes, I know people in their sixties who run every day. I am sixty one and would not take the risk. I came to this with an above average level of fitness and considered adapting the plan but put aside my arrogance and accepted that the devisers of C25k knew more about running than I do. Please take note about how your body strengthens and repairs itself........on rest days.......not while running. As you age it takes longer to recover.

    We say listen to your body, but the problem is that most of us do not understand the messages that our bodies are trying to tell us until it is too late. Four years after starting to run, I do understand many of those messages, but I have had to learn the hard way, by becoming injured,through overuse on one occasion. My return to normal was accomplished by gently increasing demands and not ignoring rest days.

    I would be much more cautious now, and it is on that basis that we offer the advice.

    It is often stated that you should be a regular runner (3 x per week) for a year before considering trying to run on consecutive days and even then running every day is not advisable. Of course you may get away with it, but why increase your risk of injury beyond what is recognised as sensible for a new runner.........which you have to accept, you still are.

    What is the rush?

  • Iannoda,

    You do not know me, I'm no new runner. I have been keeping fit and running all my life since a child, teenager and in my 20s, 30s 40s, the c25k was something new I've never done before but rest assured I've always run in between long distant walking. I've even taken both my sons from teenagers to adulthood running and walking with me.

    It is not a rush it is a challenge to myself I hope I'm allowed that and it won't be a problem for you.

    I'm not being disrespect but it's ridiculous how a mere question turned into something out of proportion. I'm wondering if anyone at all saw what I've asked from the beginning running the c25k for 5 days in a row that is all I wanted to know the rest I'm taking care of my body. I appreciate your concern.

  • We are not trying to lecture you, but with the experience that we have garnered over the years, it would be remiss of us not to point out that what you are intending to do is against all the advice for new runners. This is for your sake and for any other new runners who may read your post and think it was a good idea. Nothing is out of proportion. Those of us who have replied have been 3 x per week runners, continuously, for periods of years, unlike you, who stated that your running had been put on hold for some months.

    I include this link which illustrates the potential consequences

    Good luck again.

  • Okay...then, in answer to your question... no, as far as I am aware, folk are not running C25K for 5 consecutive days each week.

  • Thank you for your answer Oldfloss, I've prepared my body for the challenge. I've been doing 5 days exercise beforehand and feels great. The run are 8 lot of just 60 seconds running and I will run to what my body can take be it in a comfortable jog as Laura suggested. I'm still taking on board everything she says about the run itself but without taking a day break. Gentle jogging 5 days a week and 30 minutes exercise won't hurt anyone it keeps one healthy and the blood pressure down. I've never worried about reaching the 5k in 30 minutes nor do I feel the need to all I want is to keep fit and healthy. I've always been a six days exercise type of person I walk everywhere even though I have my own transport.

    I will share about the run each week so that if someone else have the same idea they will know if it can be done or not as it appears no one has tried the c25k for 5 days in a row before.

    There's always a first for everything. I believe Laura wants people to take a day break because the podcast is directed to people who have not done any running exercise before or have not done any running for many years hence! the "couch to 5k"

    I've done exercise for years and running is not new to me that is why I decided to give myself this challenge. When I don't do any exercise my muscles are achy I can barely get out of bed without pain as soon as I go for my long distant walking or running in between I feel great and get no muscle pain whatsoever. At my age 53 years old I need to keep fit and do regular exercise.

    Have a good day. x

  • You have a good day too:)

    Just, finally, maybe note, that because this is purely a C25k forum, following the recognised NHS C25K programme, ( which is, if you check the ethos and its guidelines, as I am sure you have,) so carefully structured and balanced, then the concept of consecutive run days will never be encouraged, under any circumstances.... and Graduates in particular will always be offering words of advice and warning... if not for you, then for any unwary newcomer. :)

  • In answer to your question I don't know anybody on the forum who runs 5 consecutive days per week - and there may just be a reason for that...

    I run 4 times over 7 days because my current Great Run training programme says I should - and there have been times when I've been tempted to do a fifth run - but then I think - nah, that would not be sensible. Jus' sayin' ūüėé

  • Thanks everyone for your messages and advice it much appreciated but in the end it is down to me to see how running the 5 days in a row goes. I won't know until I try so please let me do so in peace, I'm beginning to regret posting my original message.

    I came to this forum to ask a question I did not come to ask for everyone's opinion on me running 5 days in a row, nor asking for a medal or seeking attention all I wanted to know if anyone has run the c25k 5 days in a row that is all. So please let it go all of you.

    Have a good day.

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