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1st post graduate run

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I found this tough, again it was a mind game with me and not the body (which is a surprise) but I did my 5 min walk, ran my 30 mins and did my 5 min warm down walk. I really felt at 8 mins, 14 mins that I couldn't carry on. I did and I was thrilled but boy was it tough. Only the music kept me going :-)

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Haha I could have written that ;)

I had my first post-grad run today too and it was really tough. Especially because it was soo windy here today. Oh well, next one is going to be better I bet :)

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ClaireyP25Graduate in reply to Minimaxi

I did think of you too and wondered how you had got on ;-)

Like you say, fingers crossed next one will be better ha ha.

Have a great weekend.

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MinimaxiGraduate in reply to ClaireyP25

Going to try again on Sunday, I will report back :D

Have a great weekend, too!

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Well done. Just stick to what you are doing and it will begin to feel easier, promise.

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ClaireyP25Graduate in reply to Dunder2004

I sure hope so. :-)

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