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Knee Pain Week 6


Hi! I need some advice I’m at week 6 run 3 where the longer runs start and so far I’ve been really enjoying it staying on track each week and love the feeling of achieving a new stage. In my last run I felt a twinge in my knee and it felt tight at the back the day after. Two days later and I’m due my 25 min runtiday but I’ve been up all night with sharp pain in the inside at the front by my kneecap.

I know I need to rest it but I’m worried whilst I am I’ll lose the fitness I’ve gained and go backwards! 😔 Any advice?

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It takes two weeks or so before you will notice a loss of fitness, but not exacerbating a painful knee takes precedence over trying to keep running. We all have to make these decisions in respect of our bodies, allowing them to recover, followed by a gentle recovery, wherever we are in our running career.

Are you wearing proper running shoes, fitted after a gait analysis? if not, your shoes could be contributing. Going too fast and or overstriding increases the shock to knees, so keep your footfall under your body and keep the speed until you are stronger.

Rest up and come back slowly. If it persists, see a medic.

I had the same problem after I completed week 2. I realised the runs weren't difficult because I was out of breath, but because of the sheer amount of pain I was in from my knees!

Make sure you're wearing properly fitted running shoes and ice up afer every run and whenever it hurts. I took a couple of weeks off and when I returned the pain had gone!

Do make sure you see your doctor though if the pain persists!


Take the advice of @iannodatruffe :)

Keep it slow and steady and try these...

DebJogsOnGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I started having a few niggles in one knee post graduation. I've bought some new shoes after a gait analysis (something I admit I was a bit sceptical about and frankly terrified of undertaking) and am using these exercises also recommended to me by Old Floss on my non run days and since my knees have been a whole lot better.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to DebJogsOn

That is brilliant :)

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