Week 7 Run 1 done!

Can't believe I'm on week 7! Did the 25 minute run with my own music again and without the podcast. I will listen to the week 7 podcast just to check I'm not missing anything!

The run was good. I'd done it before so I knew I could do it. As usual the first five minutes are hard and after ten minutes I get confident. The distance covered and pace were a bit lower than my last 25 minute run but hopefully by run 3 it will have improved.

This plan is great - can't believe I'm out there running for 25 minutes when a few months ago I was struggling with week one!

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  • Great to hear that your own music and determination is pulling you through! :D

    Won't be long now to graduation, you should be feeling very, very pleased with yourself.

    Just a few more runs and slightly increased times, keep us posted and have fun! ;) Linda x

  • Thank you. It is starting to be fun now!

  • Well done on getting this far. As you say this programme is amazing.

    The thing I like about W7 is that you know you can do a 25min run because you broke the "barrier" with R3 on W6.

    Like you I am hoping to improve time and pace for R2 & 3. Today is my run day and I can't wait to get out there.

  • Good luck - hope the run went/goes well. I think I'm enjoying these longer runs more than the interval ones.

  • So glad I'm not te only one to find first 5 mins hard. Mind you I find the rest hard too, ha ha.

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