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W7 Run 1. Michael is a cunning Fox

Well I only went and ran for 25 mins! Cool in the morning and may calfs ache a bit. Was quite nervous but all was well. Before I knew it MJ said " Only 60 seconds to go. If you're feeling strong , you can pick up the pace a bit". I was and I did ( much to my surprise)

Thanks all for your encouragement. Might take an extra day off

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Well done 👍🏼 When I started WK7 I took 2 days rest and felt much better for it!!

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Congratulations, another really important milestone I think :)

I wasn't as good as you, first 25 minute run when it came to the last 1 minute, I was thinking "if I up the pace I'll probably actually die!!". You've done really well, now have a rest!!

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I just use to say a rude word when Laura told me to ..." Finish in style"


Very well done you! If you want the extra day.. take it.. I am taking an extra one :)


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