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W7 run 1 - so disappointed


Hi everybody,

Well I have just started W7 and didn’t complete the run. I am so disappointed. I am actually crying. I know that to a lot of you this may be a huge over reaction but I feel like such a failure. I have completed every run prior to this, pushing myself to the finish but today, I slowed to a walk within the first 10 mins and it was downhill from there with that walk being justification for another then another.

Excuse number 1 - I felt as though I just didn’t get my breathing sorted and to be honest, I rarely do for at least the first 5 minutes of actually running but I don’t know how to - all of the advice about deep breath and in through your nose out through your mouth, just doesn’t work for me. The more I concentrate on my breathing, the less control I seem to have, so I just blast my music and pretend I can’t hear myself huffing and puffing. No matter what my speed, I huff and puff 🙂.

Excuse number 2 - I had been dreading this week. I awoke this morning and told myself that I couldn’t do it and then with only seconds of the warm up left, tried to convince myself that I could. I guess the gremlins won.

Oh well, writing this has made me feel a little better. Good luck to you all on your journeys to 30mins /5k and beyond.

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H & K, I'm not going to tell you to be disappointed, you have a right to be, but.... If you have come this far, can you really consider this a failure?? I think not....I've heard the very experienced runners on here talk about their bad days. You bagged a few extra strides before getting this run done next time, or the time after. The only way you won't do it is if you don't try, and you are better than that! Have you read the guide, it might help, some really good advice on there. Get back out there soon and share your success with everyone. Good luck 🤞

Hi uncle-wiggly

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I can’t recall having read the guide - probably just jumped straight into doing the programme 🙂. Thank you so much for your advice and much needed encouragement. W7 r1 look out - I’ll be back!!!

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That’s the spirit!

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Well said uncle wiggy, couldn’t agree more. Try, try again!

Oh HandK don’t be hard on yourself. It was only one run and you’ll bounce back next time. 👍😀

The first 5-10 minutes of any run is always tricky. Pretty much everyone experiences it all, or at least some, of the time. Your body’s oxygen levels are regulating themselves (more in depth explanations are available!)

Forget about how you breathe. Let it sort itself out. What you can do proactively is slow right down while you’re struggling. Slow as you can. I bet you’ll start to feel better, then you can find a lovely rhythm.

So try again next week, and have fun! You’ve done so well to get to W7 and it’s not far until the podium! 😀👏 Good luck!

Hi cheekychipmunks,

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. So glad to hear that I am not the only one who finds the first 5-10 mins tricky - that revelation was just what I needed to hear. I did try slowing down today but for some reason, I allowed my slowing down to taper off into a walk. Never mind - W7 r1 rerun here I come!! 🙂


First up,there’s no such thing as gremlins. Only self-doubt, which as we all know is a load of crap so don’t go there 😃

Some runs are just pure poo from the outset 🤷‍♀️ You can stop you know 👍. If you stop to get your breathing restored to normal,then you can jog on. I did that a lot and it saves a run. I still do! Run very slowly from the off then hopefully your puff won’t desert you 🙂

We all have rubbish runs for no apparent reason. There’s always the next one though 💪. Come on! Yeah baby 💪👍😃🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Hi misswobble,

Thank you for responding to my post and thanks for your encouragement. I think you’re right - I am going to have to slow down and accept that some runs are rubbish for no apparent reason.

You’re right - there’s always the next one . W7 r1 repeat - here I come

Thank you

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Brill! Go geddit 💪👍🙂🏃‍♀️


Some runs suck... there’s no logic as to when a run will suck, they like to surprise you. Well done getting out there and having a go, and for battling on. Every step you took helps a little on the journey.

The good news is that sucky runs are normally followed by much better ones.

Hi UnfitNoMore,

Thank you. You’re so right- some runs suck and today I experienced such a run🙂. I guess knowing that I’m not the only one to ever have such a run, makes it easier to accept and keep going. Thank you 😊


We all have a bad day sometimes 😢

Whenever I think about breathing I get stressed and muddled. I try to think of anything else and just breathe and that seems to work.

Fighting the gremlins can be a real problem. I don't think there's a surefire solution that works for everyone, every time. However distracting yourself using podcasts or playlists can often help.

Hopefully your next run will be fine, and if the gremlins come calling remember we've all met them.

Hi sparkyjohn,

So nice to hear from somebody else who’d rather not think about their breathing when running because it all goes wrong !!! Thank you so, so much for sharing that with me and everybody else who has the same or similar ‘problem’. 🙂

As for the gremlins - they’re going to have to vacate my head while I make room for all of the encouragement I have received from responses to my post.

Thank you 😊

hey dont beat yourself up keep going

go back a run or even a week if you have too.

Breathing technique didn't work for me either, so i just breathe i do count my feet 1,2 1,2,1,2 i find this keeps me concentrating.

slow down your run,fast walk is good as Laura said if you were running beside a hedge the person on the other side shouldn't be able To tell if you are walking fast or jogging i always relate to this.

im on a treadmill, but took the dogs out this morning thought i would do a little run with them but they were walking to my slow jog so thats me slow, slow,slow, but i dont care

keep at it xxx

Hi Hereshop,

Thank you for responding to my post and making me smile with the tale of your dogs walking to your jog this morning. I don’t know if you intended to make me smile but you did - my mind wandered to what they were saying to each other as they walked next to you (strange, I know) 🙂

Glad to hear that the breathing techniques don’t work for you either - I did think that I was the only one especially this far into the programme. Thank you so much for suggesting counting my steps instead - I’ll give it a try 🙂. Thank you and good luck with your running - those dogs are going to be in for such a shock when they have to run to keep up!!! 😂


I feel your disappointment H&K. Things get better though. This happened to me on Thursday. I repeated the run on Saturday & got through the other side. I came to the realisation that by running, albeit slowly, to the time rather than distance,l took the pressure off myself. As for the breathing malarkey, I’m now a converted mouth breather. It feels more natural. All the best for your next run, you can do this 👍🏻

Hi Oldlady61

Thank you so much for responding and for your encouragement but an ever bigger thank you for making me smile. You’re right it is ‘breathing malarkey ‘. I have become so hung up on it that I concentrate more on how I’m not doing it as they advise in the podcasts, than in the fact that I am actually still breathing !!! Thank you

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Just breath, your well practiced at it, you’ve been doing it since you were born🤣😜

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I mouth-breathe as well, can’t do the nose thing - my sinuses won’t let me. As soon as I start I breathe in for two steps, out for two, saying ‘in-2-out-2...’ and it helps hugely. I have music and dance in my background, so I appreciate I might find it easier than others.

Hi Equi-geek

Thank you for responding to my post. Another mouth breather!!! - I’m beginning to feel like a real runner 😁 - or at least I was until I realised that you’ve recently completed your 1st 10K !!! Well done!!! Brilliant!!

Thank you for your advice and support, it means a lot. Good luck with your running.

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Aw thanks Hipsandknees. Glad to have put your mind at rest. You ARE a runner by the way! We all have bad days and I'm still new to running. I can't predict how a run will go (good or bad) and I make mistakes, as any novice does. The longer distances certainly help with fitness but also gently guide us to make tweaks and changes - and then all our other runs benefit. I'm sure you'll feel loads better during your next run. Have fun!

Thank you 😊

Chances are this is a one off. After getting really cross with myself over a recurring calf pain at week 7 I decided to repeat weeks 5 and 6. When I got to week 7 for the second time I sailed through and did a 7k last week. Run really slowly and I think you will be fine. If not, maybe go back to a week you know you can do and build up again so that you can attack week 7 with more confidence. There is no rush to complete the course and not getting straight through in 9 weeks happens to loads of people for the good reason that there is such a huge range of fitness and ages taking part. You will get there; just be kinder to yourself.

Hi Beachcomber66

Thank you so much for your response and encouragement. Hopefully this was a one off but if it wasn’t, I shall take some inspiration from your response and not only try again but succeed. I have a lot of admiration for you going back 2 weeks and repeating weeks 5 and 6 - I was devastated realising I was going to have to repeat one run and possibly more than once. You have made me realise that I must do whatever I need and if that is repeating more than week, then so be it. Thank you

I totally get how you feel, but this is only a setback not the end of the journey. You can definitely do this, take it slow and don't worry about huffing and puffing.

Once I start being conscious of my breathing, you'd think I'd never done it before - it goes all over the place 🤣. Then I remind myself that breathing is something I've been doing for 55-and-three-quarter years so I don't have to think about it, and it sorts itself out! Magic! 🤹.

You got this far, you can definitely do it.

All the best,

Nia x

Hi Nia,

Thank you so much for your response to my post. Nice to hear that your brain tries to convince your lungs that they’re brand new too!!! I’ll definitely be taking your advice and reminding them that they’ve been breathing quite successfully for a very long time 😁. W7 r1 repeat coming up!!

Thank you

I’m in awe of you for carrying on after the warm up. And for getting to week 7!

I also have good runs and bad runs, but we are all new to this and it’s part of the process of learning a new skill. You can do this! Sending you a hug and a tissue to dry your tears and I’ve put the kettle on to make you a nice cuppa!!

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Hi LibbiC

Thank you so much for making me laugh. Sometimes I’m in awe of myself for getting through the warm up!!!😂.

Thanks for the hug, the tissue and the cuppa but your opening line was more than enough.



Hi hips and knees. It’s fine. Honestly it’s fine to be upset.

You can do this.

If i can offer some advice from someone who has had a hip replacement and am fighting like mad against a dodgy knee. Slow down. If you think you are running as slow as you can. You’re honestly not. The aim is to do the time. Once you have got to the magical 30 minutes, keep doing it, but run at your own speed. You will get faster. If you want to!!! And if not. Who cares? You’re doing it!

As to the breathing. I am exactly the same as you. I can’t do the breathe in through your nose, out through the mouth. Count the steps routine. Totally puts me off my stride. Literally. I breathe in and out through my mouth. Again. Who cares? I figure as i get fitter I might be able to master the technique. But if not, so what.

You are doing this for you. So do it for you. It’s not a race. Try and have fun. Gird those loins and get back out there!!! Yes you can!!! Xx

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Hi Babs24,

Thank you so much for responding to my post and a huge thanks for your encouragement and advice. I too have a dodgy knee and was starting to get hip pain hence starting this programme. I was diagnosed with stage 3 osteoarthritis a few years ago, after insisting that the hospital do exploratory surgery for a pain they couldn’t diagnose. Imagine my shock to wake up and be told I needed a knee replacement - which I haven’t had. I did think my knee might play up doing this programme but so far so good - hope you have the same good fortune.

Thank you for acknowledging that it is ok to be upset and for sharing that your breathing is just like mine - music to my ears (which is more than can be said for my breathing during a run) 😂.

Once again many thanks.


Wretched Gremlins, they lurk everywhere...they get me when I see a hill 😳. So you had a bad day...that's all, just a bad day. Next time you'll be just fine. You can do it, you know you can and you will.

The breathing bit can be difficult, and breathing in through your nose etc. doesn't always work when you're really battling. There's nothing wrong with huffing and puffing, that's what I do for sure once I get going. You need to get the air in and out, and I think when we're running for awhile we can't get enough air in because the nasal passages are quite narrow. So relax about it and follow your instincts.

Oh and I've heard, the first 5-10 minutes of any run are not nice, and they are known as the toxic 10! (I really dislike those initial 10 minute😟. Once you're through that barrier it gets a tad easier. So be kind to yourself, perhaps go slower and once again, relax, enjoy and smile, it helps!

Right, I've written rather a lot, sorry about that...enjoy the rest of the day, hope the sun is shining wherever you are 🙂🌻

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Hi Gran4z

Thank you for your response to my post. You’re right - those gremlins get everywhere and today they triumphed but with all the positivity I have received from the Cto5k community, they are in for a major battle on my next run 🙂.

As for the ‘toxic 10K’ - really?? I have never heard them called that but the moniker is well deserved 😃. It’s so nice, in an encouraging sort of way, to hear that runners nationwide have similar thoughts as they approach their run.

Thank you once again. As for the sun - I am in Liverpool, the sun isn’t shining but the Giants are here for their final visit, so it doesn’t t matter that it is grey. Liverpool is buzzing with excitement and I can pretend that I am 12 - an age I can barely remember 😂

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Enjoy the afternoon. Ditto being 12 - wouldn't really want to go back there, school and me were not best buddies! 😳


No such thing as failure Hipsandknees. You are in the marvelous minority of people who get your kit on and go out for a run. So your a winner. This programme is brilliant but it's not a test, it's a guide. It doesn't know how your body will be on any particular day. Anything you do is a step in the right direction. So take a breath, keep it slow and steady and go again, your doing brilliantly. By the way, I always hate the first five minutes, it's like my heart and lungs say, hey what's going on! but once I get in my rythm I'm fine, but those voices in the first five minutes are saying STOP, STOP! Keep up the great running

Wow steviej99

Do we share the same head, heart and lungs???? I thought those voices were exclusively mine so thank you for reassuring me that they aren’t - not too happy about you having my heart and lungs though, no wonder I’m knackered 🤣🤣. Joking aside, thankyou for your advice and encouragement, it means a lot.

Hi there, getting this far without repeating a run is amazing so well done..I've repeated weeks never mind runs! I'm at week 7 too and music has helped. I put my running playlist on shuffle and hearing Mr Blue Sky on a rainy grey London morning, or I'm on My Way as I completed my first 20 min run makes me smile. Today I was thinking about how far I still had to go, 3 mins into the 25 min run and Take The Long Way Home came on and made me laugh. After reading your post I added Get It Right Next Time to my playlist! Chin up, keep going and you will feel great when you do finish the 25 mins. Imagine all of us cheering you on because we're all with you. Sending you love and more hugs x ps with breathing I don't worry about counting or the in breaths, I just focus on breathing out as hard as I can...I must look a right sight 😃

Hi JustKateGreen,

Thankyou. Thank you so much for your encouragement, love and hugs - it means a lot. I think I took it so hard because I haven’t had to repeat a run, even though I knew that there was a possibility that I might have to and having successfully completed week 6, which ended with a 25 minute run, I know I can do it and thought, somewhere in the recesses of my mind, that I would. Now, I know that I will. Thank you and good luck with the rest of your journey - hopefully I won’t be too far behind you to the podium 😁


You got out there and gave it a go! I have found that the challenge is as much one for your head as it is your legs and lungs. Your head wasn't up for it today. The day is passed, a new one to come. You can do it. YOU CAN

Don't let that head gremlin get you again, think of it as the most annoying child ever, you are in charge and WILL HAVE your success!

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Hi OverTheFields,

Thank you for responding to my post. You’re right - my head wasn’t up to it today and I allowed it to convince the rest of me. My head gremlin is going through the terrible two’s but I am determined to show it who’s in charge 😁. Thank you for your encouragement, like you say, tomorrow is a new day and I can do this. Thankyou and good luck with week 9 🙂


I tried the breathing technique on the app for about 20 seconds and decided my medulla has been doing a good job up til now without any conscious effort from me so I have handed back control and if that is huffing and puffing so be it 😉

My job when running is to beat those bloody gremlins if they make an appearance.

gremlin -> 😈 🔨🔨🔨 <- beaty thing 🤗

And for the record for the first 5 mins my lungs feel like they want to anywhere but in my body!

So sorry you had such a bad run. I have every confidence you will go out and kick butt next time 💪🏃‍♀️👍

Hi Jogunlikely,

Thank you. It has been so uplifting to receive encouragement such as yours. I wish I’d decided 20 seconds in, to leave my breathing under the control of my medulla, but trust me, from now on I know my place and my lungs are going to know theirs 🙂. Hope you don’t mind but I’ve nicked one of your ‘beaty things ‘ in case my gremlins reappear 🙂.

Hope you manage to get outside for your next run.

Thank you and good luck with your running - your ultra competitive friends will be so proud when you tell them (if you ah want already).

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Lol running is still a secret only shared with the lovely c25k forum :)

You are very welcome to a beaty thing 😁

Firstly, well done for getting to Week 7. That's where I'm at too. I have problems with the breathing thing too as I have a runny, blocked up nose. I constantly have to blow it as I run. I do just whop my music on loudly to drown out my breathing. The first ten mins are always really hard; there's a link in the pinned posts which explains it really well and will make you feel better. I always bear it in mind. There is no time limit on completing C25K so just take it one run at a time and remember that tomorrow is another day.

Hi Scarlettbunnykins,

Thank-you so much for responding to my post. I got such a positive feeling, knowing that you too have managed to get to week 7 using the same ‘turn your music up so loud that you can’t hear your lungs screaming’ technique that I have thus far utilised even though I suspect that this method has been a little more successful for you 😁. Thank you for recommending the link in the pinned posts - I shall certainly find and read it.

Thank you for your encouragement and good luck with the rest of the programme. 😁


As others have said - toxic 10! I always start to feel a bit better around 8 minute before I start to settle into a run. Have a few deep breaths then go on as normal, take more deep breaths as and when needed. I found trying to do it continually I just catch my breath and make it worse! But you need the extra oxygen-after a while it will

Become automatic!

Just repeat and forget about today! Just write it off! When you next have a good run it will feel extra amazing!

As you’ve said-you’ve completed every other run prior to this-imagine how you’d feel at week one about getting this far!!!! Your doing brilliant, tour on week 7!

Don’t think too much about it, just go out and concentrate on getting to the end of that run. Breath deep when you need it and see how you feel after 10 mins 🤞you can definitely do this!!!!


I did wk7r1 last week - ended up 10 min run, 3 min walk, 8 min run, then walked back to car!!! I had tried a new route in park but there were too many bikes/prams: even 2 balaclava mopeds mounted the pedestrian path :( that was my excuse anyway!! 2 days later I managed it plodding round my usual, local concreted streets. Anyway in terms of breathing - I do a lot of gentle yoga which focuses on breath and expanding the lungs & I never have breathing problems when running (thou I do if I try follow the instructions on the app!!) so worth trying to find some good yogic breathe exercises too inbetween running.


Firstly, you're on week 7 so you are doing really well. Try not to beat yourself up too much even though I know what you mean. I've cried too when I've failed.

I struggle initially on every run with my breathing but I try to time it with my steps. Breathe in on step one and out and out on step 4. I think Sarah millican mentioned it on one of the runs. If you struggle slow down. It doesn't matter. You will get there and I'm looking forward to seeing you graduate in a couple of weeks.

Good morning LittleMaz,

Thank you for responding to my post. It’s nice to know that a)I am not the only one who has cried with the sense of failure at not completing a run and

b) even graduates of this programme have a degree of difficulty with their initial breathing. Both make me feel so much better and a lot more positive.

Following the advice in the app re breathing makes me worse but I have had so much advice re different breathing techniques in response to my post, that I am sure that I will find something that helps me conquer it 🙂.

Thanks again for your advice and support. Hope you are now back running after your Yorkshire 3 peaks - amazing!!

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Awe thank you. Yes I'm back. Did a park run but not another PB. Having trouble with my calves tightening up at the moment, but I managed a 2.5k run after work. Going to walk Malham again soon. X

Don’t you ever stop???? 😄 . Life would be boring if you did, so it’s probably best that you don’t. I’m a little envious, to say the least. Hope you manage to sort your calves out. Enjoy Malham - and as for not doing another PB in your last park run - whatever you ran was quicker than me!!! 😁x


As you said, ‘your head wasn’t in it and your body followed’. I’m a hypnotherapist and now you’ve made this great discovery, you can make it work for you. Your mind doesn’t care if what you tell it is true, but your body will follow. Can I suggest a new mantra ‘I choose to run and every step makes me fitter and healthier’. ‘I breathe with ease’. Anything positive that suits you. I’m essentially having a positive pep talk with myself, as I run 🏃‍♀️ 😂

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Good morning 14Gsy

Wow, thank you. I shall definitely be trying this. I don’t know if negative thinking is more powerful than positive but it is certainly time that I found out - I’m guessing that they’re equally as powerful and it’s just safer to accept negativity- am I even making any sense???😂😂.

Anyway, thank you so much for your advice and good luck on your running journey whether you are on C to5k or a graduate.

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I’m new to running. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and struggled to even sit in a chair, during my hypno training in March. Even walking down steps, made me curse. I decided to experiment, so hilariously changed ‘ouch’ to ‘boing’. I’m up to 10km walking in cliffs a day, so decided to go faster (ish) 😂

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Hi 14Gsy

Well done!! What a fantastic, impressive achievement. I have a friend with fibromyalgia so I have some idea as to how debilitating it can be, both physically and mentally. Good luck with your running, I have no doubt that you can do this 😊

Good morning DeeTray

Thank you for responding to my post. I had fleetingly thought about the benefits of yoga but the thought disappeared as quick as my run. It’s interesting that you you only have trouble if you try to follow the Instructions the app but none at all if you employ your yogic breathing. I shall definitely try and follow your example - YouTube here I come 😁.

Well done on completing your W7 r1 on your second attempt, no doubt you are now zipping through the rest of the programme 🙂. Thanks again and good luck on your journey to the podium 🙂

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Zipping - haha haven’t managed to get up and out for r2!! Dreading it despite having manage r1 ... no excuse today as sun is out & it’s glorious ..



Can I just say I understand what you’re saying about feeling disappointed with your run.

I also had the same experience going on a run I was unsure about and basically talked myself out of being able to complete it.

Lots of things can have an impact on your run how your prepared mentally, if your feeling tired etc.

You can do this. Believe in yourself. Try not to be disheartened. Tell the gremlins to eat your dust!!!!

Good morning Summersprint,

Thank you for responding to my post and your words of encouragement. It’s uplifting to know that you had the same experience where you let yourself talk yourself into not completing the run but here you are, now a graduate!!

Well done and thank you. No doubt you’ll soon be joining your husband in a marathon in Bali but at least if you talk yourself out of that one, you can console yourself on the beach 😁.

Thanks again 😁


Definitely breathe through your mouth if that is better for you. I found the app instructions on this hopeless, and then saw a youtube video made by a very fit person who laughed at anyone trying to breathe through their nose for running - he said something like "what... trying to breathe through a straw when you need to get as much oxygen as you can get... that's ridiculous!... always breathe through your mouth". I felt much better after hearing this! Nose breathing might work for some people, but not for me. Also, don't fret over one less good run, you were still out there. Did you have enough water before you left? Eating something with readily absorbed glucose/fructose about 20 minutes before you leave is a good idea. My runs are worse if I don't do both of these.

Good morning rocket999,

Thank you for responding to my post. I go for a run within 15 -30 mins of waking, so no I hadn’t eaten and I had drunk about 50mls of water. I find I need a good hour post ingesting anything to run without feeling sick. That said, I will try your suggestion as, to be honest, thinking about it, I can’t honestly say that my previous pre run nutrition has been readily even close to what you suggest 😩. I’ll make it something liquid so that it boosts my fluid intake too, as this is dire. I drink no more than 1 litre per day - I know because I buy a 1.5l bottle of water and never finish it - I don’t even reach for drink post run.

Thank you for highlighting 2 very important things that I may need to address- I shall certainly give it a go.

Thanks again and belated congratulations on your graduation of this programme. Onwards and upwards 😁

Hi I graduated back in August. I’m running 5/6k 3 times a week and, to be honest I never got to grips with the breathing. I now don’t worry if I huff and puff I just run and as I’m not dead yet I must be getting enough oxygen to keep going. I think you should stop beating yourself up and over thinking it.

Hi Runningfit67,

Thank you for responding to my post and belated congratulations on your graduation. You’re right about me overthinking but I couldn’t help it. Hopefully, with all of the advice and support that I have had since yesterday, I will now be able to approach my running with a different mind set and a new set of tools, that will carry me through to success and beyond.

Thanks again 🙂


Hi, have another go when you have rested for long enough.

Try to plod slowly for the first 10 mins and see how your energy levels are going.

I find listening to music with a similar beat to your running helped me get in the zone and also took my mind off listening to my breathing which I was trying to subconsciously stifle!

Good luck

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Hi Reabow

Thank you for responding to my post. It’s amazing how many of us do not want to hear our own breathing ( or gasping) when running!! 😁. Believe me, I blast my music but when there is that 2 second break in between tracks, my lungs try their best to send a signal to my brain, to tell my legs to stop 😄. I plan on trying again very soon when, hopefully, I shall be triumphant.

Thank you again for your advice and support - it means a lot. Good luck with your running journey too 🙂


We probably all have days like this. Breathing is hard & can take 5-10mins to adjust. I think when the weather is colder it is harder to control breathing. A positive attitude always helps, but it is too easy to talk ourselves out of things (I do!) try again in a day or two. 😀

Hi Pinkpig20,

Thank you for responding to my post and thank you for your advice and support. I totally agree with how easy it is to talk ourselves out of doing something - I just went one step further and beat myself up about it 😄. If it wasn’t for all of the messages of support I have since received, I would still be doing so.

Thank you so much for adding your support. It means a lot.

You have succeeded on 18 previous runs haven't you? Ive read many posts on here and many people suffer setbacks. I've just finished the 2nd run of week 6 and struggled for the last 5mins and am not looking forward to the first 25min run. But you've done that already haven't you. I struggle with breathing and don't think I will ever get it right. I just breathe whatever I am comfortable with. We are all different. The fact that you are so upset just means you are really trying. You will come good. Take care

Hi Bonsaiboy,

Thank you so much for responding to my post. I hadn’t realised that I had actually done so many previous runs. Thanks for putting into perspective for me - I now feel very proud of myself and a lot more positive about my ability to do this. Please don’t let my experience put any doubts in your mind about your capability to do your next run - you found your last 5 minutes difficult but persevered because you only had 5 minutes left and you were determined to do it. I’m sure you’ll complete your first 25 minutes run like I did and many more after it.

Thank you for your encouragement- it means a lot and good luck with your journey away from the couch. See you on the podium 😁


Don't be tough on yourself. U've got this far and I'm guessing maybe u thought u wouldn't. I know I never thought I could do it.

As others have said have a read through the guide.

Everyone has bad days and bad runs. Although I reckon there's never really a bad run, just maybe not what u expected or wanted to achieve run ... U've still completed more than those sitting on the couch . So just keep going, after your rest day! U can and will do it! 🏃😁👍

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Hi Deals1

Thank you for responding to my post and yes, you are right, after w1 r1 , I never thought that I would make it this far 😂. I am definitely going to read through the guide 🙂.

Thank you for you encouragement and support - it means a lot.

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No worries. Keep us posted. Your next run will be a great one. By the way i struggle with breathing too and if try to follow the guides or think about it too much , it's worse! Just do what feels easier.

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Thank you. I shall 😊


Hi H&K too be honest, if you have got to W7 without the dreaded bailed run, I think you have done really, really well. I think most people on here will have bailed at least one run on their C25K journey - I know I have. Yes, I know that disappointment that you are feeling now! However, don't think of it as a failed run - it was a practice. I bet that when you next go out you will smash it. Focus on the wonderful feeling you will have for when you finish the run rather than thinking about your disappointment and doubts from this run. Take it slow - there are no extra points for speed. Good luck!

Hi Nikongirl,

Thank you for responding to my post. I had completed a run, every other day since starting the programme in September and have no idea what ‘the dreaded bailed run’ is. I’m guessing it’s getting ready to go on your run and then sitting back down or something to that effect ??? 😁. I think that because I had been consistent in my approach and achievement, I just expected, as tough as it was, to be able to keep going. I now know, that isn’t necessarily the case 😔. That said, I now know that I have the support and encouragement of many people, of whom you are one. Thank you, it means a lot. How is your second Stan at this programme going? I noticed that 4 weeks ago you were in week 5? Have you made it to the podium this time after being so incredibly unlucky last time? I don’t know what I would have done, but I’m guessing it would have been something like a meteoric meltdown if Sunday is anything to go by 😂. If you have completed it - well done. If it is still a work in progress - you know you can do this - it’s in the bag😁

Once again, thank you.

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Hi H&K for me, a 'bailed run' is a run that you attempt but don't complete. I'm in week 9 now. W9 R2 is scheduled for tonight, but we have really bad winds here today and I'm not good in the wind. I don't mind rain, but me and winds are friends. Hey ho - will see how it goes later. Thank you for your encouragement - always appreciated.

Thank you - my Sunday run was officially a bailed run - I gave up after 27 minutes (including warm up) because I’d interspersed it with some walking. Oh well, - never again 😊.

I’m not a fan of the wind either. I’m convinced that it changes direction with me, so that it is never behind me giving me that extra little push for my final steps 😁. Hope it calms down in time for your run. Good luck and take care. Hope you haven’t got another litter due - that podium beckons once again. 😁

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