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Didn't Run Today but Came Up With A Cunning Plan

I was just about to go out for a run today but stopped my self, I still have a bit of a sore ankle and I have had a bit of a dodgy tummy all day and told myself that it probably wasn't the best combination.

Instead I sat down and planned my running year, I have decided to try and do some more 10k's and then slip in a half Marathon (so inspired by all that talk about the Bath Half Marathon) later on in the year so it is currently looking like this

April - Eton Dorney 10k

May - Stockley Park, Uxbridge 10k

June - Whipsnade 10k or Thame 10k


September - Maidenhead, Half Marathon

October - Reading or Burnham Beeches 10k

November/December - HIBERNATION

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Like the HIBERNATION bit! Congratulations with what seems a do-able plan and look forward to you posting results and impressions of the races.

I am also toying with the idea of a half marathon, but just cannot get myself to actually make the decision to do one. Currently doing the Runkeeper Sub65 minutes 10K training plan and have been seeing improvement in my time splits so the mix of endurance, speed and stamina is obviously working. I had a look at what is ahead in the training plan and round about May (it is a 16 week plan) the once a week long runs increase to 14k. I think once I have done that and coped with it, I will make a decision.

I haven't planned on doing any 10K races yet this year - the entry monies are so prohibitive - well up here in the Highland anyway.


Nairn half marathon in August? I'm thinking about this, but will leave it until I've increased my distance a bit more too.

There are a few less expensive 10Ks coming up this summer:

Follow the Herring 10K Portsoy – Sunday 23rd June 10.30 £12

Tain Gala 10K – Wednesday 26th June (evening - tbc) £6

Forres Highland Games 10K – Saturday 6th July £5.50

I really like the idea of doing the Highland Games race. I think it would be fun to be part and parcel of a highland games... to mill about with the other athletes...

I think I may do the Portsoy one too, as that is part of the Boat Festival, which I'd been thinking about attending for a few years, but never got around to it.

The race I really want to do is the Barra Half Marathon/10K. There are only 250 places and they sold out in 6 minutes!! It is held in June each year and the registration opens in January; you bet I'll be on-line the minute they open next year.


"Follow the Herring" - how could anyone resist taking part in something called that? Being part of a Highland Games sounds pretty special too.


These are more decent entry prizes! Thanks for the info about the Barra Half Marathon/10K . Will definitely have a look at that too. I have also been reading up about the Naples half marathon but judging from the website comments I am not too sure - some of the organising sounds shambolic. Love that part of the world and the route looks halfway decent too.

Anyway, I have a 6km easy run tonight and it is raining here in the Highlands, we have become accustomed to the sunshine so the run is going to be a bit of a jolt to the system.


One other 10K I forgot to mention:

Laggan 10K – Saturday 25th May £12


I cannot find the burnham beeches 10k I would like to do it but all I can find is the half marathon, are they still accepting runners for the 10k?

I thought for a moment "The Hibernation" was a Scottish run.


I can only find details of the Burnham Beeches 10k on the Runners World Events calendar. I'm not going to book any of my races till nearer the time (in case I get injured) most of them you can even pay on the day for a few extra pounds.


That sounds like a good plan, morningglory.

I've got a long list of races I'd like to do, but mine don't pan out so well timing-wise (some on the same dates, some one week apart), so I'm still to choose which I'll register for. I also don't want to register for too many as I wish to be able to run 10-15 miles trails runs just for the fun of it!


Well look at me reading all these exiting runners, I am just in week 2 of my couch 5k. Laughing :)


How's it going cerrito? Well, I hope? :) (Is that rhubarb you're holding in your picture by the way?)


Hi green legs, I am working out a lot cycling, running but not as much as all the people here.

yes thats Rubbarb from last summer crop from the permaculchure garden, made A cramble from it.


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