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W7 R3, strange run

Well today I run on my own with no group, and I decided to run along the balmy butterfly route.

This entails walking for 5k mostly uphill, running for 5k along a long drawn out hill (feels only slightly undulating), then walking another 5k mostly downhill.

well it was later in the day than I normally set out, and truth be told am not feeling so very hot at the moment either, but decided after yesterdays depression and carb munch out I really really needed to just get out there!

The walk went great, decided to step it up a notch (basically speed walking uphill leaving all the dog walkers, who usually pass me when I'm running, behind, yay!)

The beginning of the run was kind of strange I just couldn't find my stride, Kept wanting to put leg out in front in a weird position, still eventually (5 minutes later) got into the zone and off I went.

Huffing and puffing along nicely when I decided that normally run 3 Laura gives us a bit of a challenge, so stepped it up quickened the pace lifted the knees a little higher, pumped the arms a little faster, breathing nice and deep.

Am running along to week 8 as that is the longest podcast I have (don't know what happened to week 9?) when Laura announces that's 10 minutes-only ten minutes I am actually quite knackered so take her earlier advice and slow it down some, only butterflies on this route no-one to judge me :-)

Unfortunately I reach the 5k point at 23 minutes 45 seconds, now what? Do I slow down for the brisk walk or carry on running for the 30 minutes? Legs decide, we are running!

Legs pack up at the exact same time that Laura announces well done that's 28 minutes running, wow I have given everything and am so completely gutted, then think back, hang on I passed the 5k I ran 28 minutes what am I disappointed about? This was actually incredibly awesome, am just a little shaky now, but is that my blood pressure or low blood sugar? Finished the brisk walk, and this route, which usually takes about 13/4 hrs, only took 1 hr 10 minutes, grabbed a water and a banana and now a nice sit down until the calves stop singing! Wow how is that for improvement :-)

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Cyclist - Do as much as is comfortable in all/any way. Don't go over what you THINK you want or can. Respect your body and do not damage. Love it, too, but talk with it.


that is good advice, I always have at least a days rest between runs and generally look after myself :-)


"Unfortunately I reach the 5k point at 23 minutes 45 seconds"

Unfortunately? UNFORTUNATELY??!! Um.. wow.. that's amazing!


Thanks, I did think that myself, was so disappointed then thought hang on a minute, just think it was only 7 weeks ago I was struggling to run for a minute, the unfortunate was pretty much because I had reached 5k, wasn't sure whether to keep running for the 30 minutes or stop, legs decided to keep running :-)


You are doing incredibly well Tor and should be proud of yourself. You will be doing full marathons at the rate you're going


I second (third?) the above! Thats super fast 5K still takes me 40 mins +


Thanks Plinth and Mazzero, I think it helps running with the club Mondays and Wednesdays they help push me so when I run on my own on Friday I can push myself that little bit further, you will get there yourselves I am sure, in the meantime as long as you are having fun and being out there it is all good :-)


Tor you must be going at some pace to do 5k in 23 mins. You do know the distance only counts when you're running and not including your warm up walk don't you? lol ;)

You are powering ahead, looks like the decision to run with a club has really paid off for you. Absolutely brillo, well done :)


That's a quick run - well done and enjoy the rest day. At that speed you'll be running 6.5k in 30 minutes.


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