Week 7 Run 3 - Fox! Sprint!

Hello everyone!

I may have just had a whole week off for half-term, but already I feel exhausted and, in all honesty, down in the dumps again. Some of the kids I taught today were obscenely rude to me and, well, I don't go to work to be abused by teenagers, believe it or not!

My mind was whirring with the events of the day as I went out for my final run of week 7. As I was doing my warm-up walk, I took my usual route. I like to run on the streets near where I live because it's convenient, flat and reasonably safe. As I was walking, I spied a little fox crouching in-between two houses! I actually paused and looked at him for a bit before moving on. He stood stock still but kept his eyes on me as I left. He looked healthy.

I settled into the rhythm of the run fairly quickly. I wanted to push myself a little today. As I went around I thought about my day. I was able to put aside what had happened and really enjoyed myself. I soon warmed up in the chilly evening air. I surprised myself when I realised just how easy I was finding the run, and was grateful - I know that some days you get good runs and bad runs, and today I really needed a good run, and that's exactly what I got!!

I eventually ran back to the road where the fox had been - I spotted him again, this time closer to the road but still inside the little corridor between the two houses. He was a beautiful little thing! I felt like he must be good luck as I was able to not only increase my speed for the final minute, but I went into a full-on sprint for the final 10 seconds or so!! I hadn't intended to do so, but I wanted to see how easily I could gain speed. It struck me how easy it was for my legs to go faster, and how enjoyable it actually was. I haven't ran all-out like that since I was a kid, and it brought a huge smile to my face.

Runkeeper informs me that I beat two of my personal records today - I burned the most calories out of all my other activities (280), and covered the most distance (2.73 miles, which does include the 5 minutes either side of walking). I really feel like achieving 5k is within grasp at this stage. I don't think I'll be able to run it in 30 minutes, but if I can keep up the pace for 5k then I consider that a success. I can worry about setting myself time-specific targets like that after graduation!

I hope that everyone else has had a successful run this evening and that you had a better day than me! :)


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27 Replies

  • Lovely post, lovely foxes and lovely run - especially when they go that well and leave you feeling that much better! Sounds like its definately all coming together for you. Well done☺!

  • Glad your day was livened up with the run & the fox.

    When I was at school you didn't dare be rude to a teacher, or get caned or slippered & if not paying attention get something thrown at you, there's not much discipline in schools now, and a lack of respect! Take care!

  • I know, it's appalling what some kids get away with - or worse, what they think they can get away with!!!

  • You are doing really well, it is fantastic when you have a good run. Are you new trainers comfy, they look really snazzy.

    I take my hat off to you for teaching in a secondary school, some teenagers do not want to be there and ruin for the rest of class who are keen to learn.

    I am proud to say that my three lads have been brought up to respect others and are turning into smashing young men, but unfortunately some youngsters have little respect for anyone or anything.

    Keep your chin up, don't let them get you down and all the best for week 8 xx

  • Me too, my boys are such good lads I feel blessed to have them.

    My eldest takes his GCSEs in a few months and wants to be a teacher but reading posts lime this does concern me.

  • Hiya! Thanks for your kind words. It sounds like you've done an excellent job with your 3 boys. You're right, it's a shame for the kids who do want to do well and do want to learn. I think that most of them do. What takes the cake is when a kid doesn't even say hello and just starts asking "Have you marked our assessments?" "Hello X, how was your weekend?" Manners cost nothing but it sounds like your boys are lovely :-)

  • I'm glad your run helped you to forget your bad day. I'm not a teacher but I do work in a secondary school and the attitude of some of those teenagers is truly shocking compared to my school days when we would never dare answer back to a member of staff! I think that this term in school is notoriously bad. Everyone is tired and the summer still feels a long way off. Running definitely helps to dissolve the woes of the day... It does for me anyway x

  • I totally agree! The Autumn term is terrible because it's super long and it gets dark. I think we fall into the trap of believing that this term will be easier, but Year 11s and U6th kids just want to leave to sit their exams and everyone's a bit on edge. Fortunately running helps me to set it all aside and relax rather than dwell :-)

  • Haha! I get my best times when I'm running off a day with rude year 9s in it! Best head-clearer ever 😊

  • In my case, rude year 8s and year 11s!! You're right though, running is a huge help :-)

  • Glad your day was livened up with the run & the fox.

    When I was at school you didn't dare be rude to a teacher, or get caned or slippered & if not paying attention get something thrown at you, there's not much discipline in schools now, and a lack of respect! Take care!

  • Boo to the obnoxious kids but yay for the lovely run and well done on your final sprint, sounds like you needed that good run tonight to blow away the cobwebs.

  • Sounds like a great run well done. Boo to the rubbish day, but yay to Mr foxy and the sprint finish :)

  • Come on you.. hang in there.. :)

    Your run sounds great... love the little fox...my totem creature! He most certainly spurred you on!

    Sometimes the simplest of things can make us realise our potential.

    Well done, for moving past your bad day and finishing with a smile on your face.:)

  • Well done you glad u ended your day on a high

  • Sorry to hear of your bad day , big hugs ((( )))

    It is shocking to hear of you being verbally abused by the kids youre trying to teach ! That must be such a stressful situation for you , and you need the patience of a saint not to retaliate back !

    Oh a little fox, how cute !! I hope that made you feel a little bit better and brightened your day up for you. There is so much that is still good in the world and it is nice to be reminded of that now and again, especially when youre feeling down .

    Brilliant , Well done and onwards to Week 8 ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you :-) I don't always keep my cool with the kids, especially if it's constant like it seemed yesterday! What made it worse was that one kid's dad is also a teacher - I told the kid that they should know better!! Luckily the run really helped remind me that they're just kids :-)

  • It's incredible how a 25-minute good run can cancel an entire bad day, isn't it? ;)

    For me, running is proving much more effective than Citalopram.

    Well done for completing W7... and for not having killed the little pest at school :D

  • I'll get my revenge when I write reports. I get 400characters of revenge :-D Haha. I agree with you on the citalopram front, I am amazed at how my wellbeing has increased in the past 8 weeks!

  • Well done on your run glad you are feeling better now, I have friends who are teachers, what a hard job......still you blasted that bad day away a bit! 😕

  • Well done great run :)

  • I don't need to go to work to be abused by teenagers, I can stay at home for that!

    Good for you finding some positivity in your day, whether they (or you?) realise it or not, you're an intelligent, positive role model and I bet they remember you in years to come; but for now, stuff 'em there's more to you than being a teacher x

  • Aww, what lovely words! Thank you :-) Being a teacher is hard, I can't imagine what being a parent must be like! :-|

  • hi

    Sorry to hear bout ur problems at work my partner is a teacher so I know how tough a job it is the running is a release for you like a safety valve keep it up


  • Yamiskoi, what a lovely post. If you hadn't been out running you would never have seen that beautiful fox. Sounds like it more than cancelled out the troublesome teenagers tantrums.

    Sprinting at the end of week 7 is amazing, you'll take week 8 in your stride after this.

  • I feel your pain, the joys of secondary school teaching! I teach Science so have to supervise those lovely teens with flames, chemicals and electricity. I'm surprised I'm not grey already!!

    I find a really crappy day followed by a good C25K can keep my spirits up for a few days forward.

  • Oh my word!!! I remember a kid setting fire to his book in science and throwing the evidence out of the window. 30seconds later a PE teacher comes in holding a smoldering book!! I couldn't teach science for many reasons, you are incredibly brave!!

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