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Week 8 All Done! (This one was much better)

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Morning keen runnerbeans,

What a difference a day('s rest) makes, 48 little hours...

W8R2 I was a dead man barely moving by the end of the run. Yes it was my furthest distance, at just over 5k including the walk, but boy did it take it out of me. So - with the words of Oldfloss and Sadie-runs gently screaming in my ear "told you so, slow and steady!!!" I did just that, I found my comfortable pace, then slowed it down a little. What a difference! At no point in the run did I feel that I couldn't manage it.

The run itself was fairly uneventful. I ran through a few of the more shallow puddles, slowed to nearly a walk over a mudbath, said "hello" to various dog walkers, intrepid joggers, and random people. I turned round at the half way point (of course) and made it back to the start point of my run exactly when the time was up. I even managed a 30 second sprint finish. When I say "sprint" I of course mean slightly less snail like.

So, that's done. Week 9? I'm coming for you!!

Thanks as always to everyone who's been cheering me on. And an encouragement to those of us new at this programme, if I can do this, you certainly can. It's amazing, and fun!

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Well done Neil, I'm glad you found your "happy pace" for that run ;)

Week 9 isn't too bad - only 2 minutes extra per run, you'll do it no problem!

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Thanks Feegle, I feel OK about week 9 after today's run. Week 9 eh? What could possibly go wrong!!

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Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to Hidden

I'm putting the kettle on and laying out your place at the Graduation Table already :)

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Hidden in reply to Irish-John

Thanks Irish-John, if the kettle's on, that's it, coming your way. I never miss the opportunity for a cuppa :)

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Wantitbad in reply to Feegle

Congrats keep it up😊

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Thank you :-)

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Well done Neil. Glad you got to your happy pace. Keep it slow and steady. I set off too quick this morning and wished I hadn't!

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Thanks Richard7, yes, I did that last run I think, I tried to run before I could run? :) Slow and steady is definitely the way. I knew that anyway, i was just a little too eager last time. Today was a good run though :)

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That’s awesome Neil, well done you! Did you ever believe you’d get to week 9?! You’ve done amazingly well and especially with your knee. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with week 9. Best of luck!

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Thanks Hidden, nope, I didn't believe I'd get past week 1 run 1 to be honest!! Thanks for all the encouragement along the way, it means a lot, it really does. And I've just spotted your W5R3 post - well done, I'll reply in a bit!!

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What would we have done without C25K?! Thank you for the encouragement too ☺️ crazy to think we are going to be congratulating each other on graduating soon 😳

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Good work fella 😁

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Thanks Windoze, see you at the finish line!!!

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This is lovely, just lovely! 😘 So happy you finished this week on a high, and that you found a good pace. Going slow gives us the chance to feel really comfortable in a run, and that's important at this stage in our running careers. Focussing on stamina is so important. Very pleased with you!

And now it's my turn to get excited - just three runs to graduation! Woo hoo! Week 9 is lovely. 30 minutes will be totally do-able, and you will really feel like a runner.

Good work Mr Neil, good work. x

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Thank you Sadie-runs, yes, it was a good run this morning. Although I like running along the cycle path near work, you can't beat the canal for a bit of variety. Honestly though, your cheerleading has been amazing, thanks so much for all your thoughtful support, even the tough love bits :)

Speaking of which... I shall reply to your latest post shortly!!

That's brilliant, knew you could do it! Love the idea of a sprint finish at snails pace 😂 welcome to week 9 and the sprint to the podium 🏃👍

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Thanks Carolyn, I think in actual fact, a "light jog", as Jo put it, would probably be more like it, though I have to say, I loved that half minute of going faster. But I shall be good! I'll need to be if I want to graduate next Sunday...

Nicely done, and so glad you managed to stay alive to write the report!

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Well it was touch and go, especially after the last one lol! Thanks Jan x

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Well done Hidden slow and steady always wins the day. Mate, you have truly got the end in sight .... and I'm not too far behind you ... :-)

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Hey Christene, thank you :-) Slow and steady is good, and I finally believe I can do this. And I believe you can to! Watching how you've got on has been great, really encouraging actually!

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Really encouraging thanks - O'm 2 weeks behind you. 😄

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Thank you! We're doing ok aren't we? Did you ever think you'd get as far as you have? I certainly didn't! Me, I mean lol!

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Well done really glad this run was better 😁

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Awww thanks. So am I lol! I love the good runs, they kind-of restore my enthusiasm, which is much needed, as is the brilliant support of you lovely lot!

Yes, its supposed to be fun Neil..😊

Well done, that run sounds like a Poppins run...'Practically Perfect in Every Way'😉

So.....Week 9....Go you..and enjoy it😊xx

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Yeah - I cheated and flew the whole thing using my brolly :P Thanks so much for all your support over the weeks, you've just kind-of always been there, being supportive. Thank you x

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Well done Neil!! Now go grab Week 9 and show it what you’re made of!!

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Hey Kim, thanks! It's not so long ago I was following your progress through this stage, and that had been, and still is, a real encouragement. So thank you!! x

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Kimchoc08Graduate in reply to Hidden

Pleasure is all mine 😊😊

Lol that is what exactly happened to me!!! Wk8 run 2 was probably the worst run I had experienced over the whole programme...... how I completed it I’ll never know but when I checked my stats it was my best😂😂😂 is off to complete week 8 later - and you’ve really put my confidence back on track by reading this post. Thank you 😊

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Me too actually, never run that fast before, which of course meant it was too fast. But that's just a memory now, in C25K's rich tapestry. And I'm honoured if something I've said has made a difference. Thank you!

Yay! 👏 👏 👏 👏

I love it when a run comes together. Well done! And you're right, it's a great feeling! I still run with Oldfloss in my head telling me to go slower too. And eventually, I listen! 😂😂😂

(Sorry Oldfloss , I never was a good student)

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Haha - yes I know that feeling very well! Floss is actually a parrot sitting on my shoulder when I run, squawking "slow and steady" over and over :-)

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Brilliant nearly on that podium ... all waiting excitedly to help you up to take your place ..... graduation awaits 🏆🏅

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Yes, after 3 x 30 minute runs, I'll almost certainly need a hand up lol Thanks though, it's appreciated!

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Whoo whoo another one ticked off Neil . U so got this 😀🏃

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Thanks Shelby, and so do you! You can totally do this too. Where are you at now, W8?

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Shelby1973Graduate in reply to Hidden

Run 3 today wk8 🏃‍♀️ although I’m going away to Tattershall Lakes till Friday so running gear packed as apparently it’s beautiful with loads of places to run . Was going to run this morning before leaving but thought. Change of scenery might be nice so going to run once there 🏃‍♀️

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Hidden in reply to Shelby1973

Ooh that sounds lovely, I bet there are some great places to run. And just to sit and relax too! Have a lovely time :) Oh and hope the run goes/went OK!!

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Hope to see you on that graduate podium soon! 😊

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Thank you! And likewise! Loved your post about leaves btw. Unbeleaf-able :P

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DebJogsOnGraduate in reply to Hidden


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Oooo, Week 9, already?!! You have done a fab job at nailing this programme...week 9 was my favourite week as it seems to cement everything that you’ve done over the previous weeks & there’s also the badge to look forward to! Sounds like this run was a belter...great when you find your pace...have a fab week 9...I’ll put my fizz in the fridge ready for your victory run!! 😉

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Hidden in reply to Mummycav

Thanks Mummycav! Yes week 9, I can't quite believe it myself. Week 9 your favourite week? You're so hardcore lol!

And I like your thinking... so basically you get to drink bubbly whenever someone graduates? Sounds like a plan!! :P

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MummycavModerator in reply to Hidden

Yes!!! It’s my rocket fuel!!! Lol.....hic

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Hidden in reply to Mummycav

Sounds like I'd better hurry up and graduate then!! In a slow and steady way of course :P

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MummycavModerator in reply to Hidden

Of course....🤣

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Excellent. Your gonna smash week 9. Go for it 🙌🏻🏃👍😀

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Thank you! I shall give it my best shot for sure :)

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can't remember who said it on here probably everyone but my running mantra is slow and steady even after graduating, each run is different some times it kills, last night i hit the perfect zone, wasn't fast by no means but it was so comfortable i could have carried on and i think that is what we need to achieve, well done on getting this far the end is so near in sight :D

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Thanks Womble :-) It's funny, the run I have just done I felt like I was in that zone, it was great!!

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Well done Neil, you're nearly there! Glad this run worked out well for you.

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Hidden in reply to HeleneCorsa

Thank you :-) just 3 more to go...

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Neil, it's just so great to see the joy coming through your post! Three more runs to go!

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Hidden in reply to ejvcruns

Thank you so much! If it wasn't for people such as yourself, I'd have long since given up I think.

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