Week 8 run 1 done at the local park run :)

After the success of last weeks parkrun, me and the hubby pulled our running things on and headed out to try a new one. Unlike last weeks which was off road and a circular lap this one was along

the esplanade and back and I soon realised that it was quite a monotonous course :( I know a lot of people will say that I am lucky to live on the south coast but I really did find it hard not to feel despondent with the scenery by the half way point.

I focused on my running because I was thoroughly enjoying the mild weather and it picked me back up again. Me and my hubby had agreed to run our own race and he soon left me behind very early on but I had every intention to run to 28 minutes then walk to the end.

I ditched Laura last week because the music is absolutely awful so I was measuring my times on my Soleus running watch. I checked my timer to see how I was doing and I was already at the 28 minute mark so slowed to a walk but I realised I could now see the end and really felt that I could finish so I went for it and ran until the end!

Just had my text and my time was 32.01!! I am so chuffed my time is starting to come down and I am staggered by the small achievements I am seeing before my very eyes :)

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  • Great time and you haven't even graduated. Well done!

  • Thank you :) I am hoping by graduation to reach around the 30 minute mark but I am just going to keep doing what I am doing and hopefully it will all fall into place :)

  • Well done Jenner you are doing so well, I can still only dream of times like yours I run so slowly :-)

  • Thank you, mummysaurus, it was strange because I felt slow and was nearer the back of the pack but it was a big parkrun with over 200 runners so I couldn't really judge how my speed was so I just kept plodding on.

  • You've taken to this running lark like a chicken to a vegetable patch. Congratulations.

  • :)

  • Well done Jenner! Don't go too far, too fast too soon though. There is every temptation but take care. I hate it when the scenery is boring. Switch to another route and it'll give you renewed interest. I love a new view.

  • We are going to try another parkrun next time. I think what we might do is try all the runs that are local to us to see which ones we like then we can pick a couple which we prefer.

  • Brilliant time Jenner Sounds like you hooked on park runs now . I don't think I'll ever get near your time

  • I do enjoy running with others it creates a completely different atmosphere. I will only running them every other from now on because I run every other day so my run day only falls on every second Saturday.

    I decided New Year's Day that I am going to focus on my distance as well as the time just so I can slowly build it up. I have a 10k run in Highclere castle in May and we need to finish within 2 hours and I would like to build it up before then.

  • Fabulous time, I dream of that sort of pace. Congratulations, I'm well jealous x

  • Hi Jenner, I live on the South Coast too and 5 mins warm up walk from the sea, so every one assumes I run along the sea front and that I'm really lucky to be able to do so. But I agree with you - it's actually really boring...just goes on and on an quite a bit of traffic too. I much prefer to weave in and out of the old roads near the sea front - so I get the pleasure of seeing the sea but lots of variety in my urban landscape.

  • It's nice to know that I am not alone in finding it rather boring. I live 5 minutes walk away too, I tend to head towards the beach, run for about 5 minutes along the front then work my way back in and through the local parks and streets. We have a wild grounds and old mod firing ranges not far from the beach so was thinking once I graduate that I will start venturing that way :)

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