Week 8 done, only just!

Had to take it really slow today, I've had an I intermittent shooting pain in my calf since Thursday due to overdoing my last run, it was going so well so I couldn't help it.

Had to argue myself into doing today's run as I ddint want to make things worse but so pleased it did. I slowed my pace right down, didn't realise how much it had improved over the last 8 weeks. Due to such a slow pace I was feeling fine at the end (and hardly sweaty) so I snook those last 2 minutes in Ooops!

Hoping week 9 I can speed things up again. Have realised that I need to go on a diet to try and reduce some of the stress on my legs :(

Come on week 9, bring it on!

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  • Slow is good! How much weight are you going to lose then? Publish it here, then there's no wimping out!!!

  • Haha,that's a great idea. As much as I can to help out my legs the poor things. Lets go for a stone off before xmas :)

  • You saw it here folks - let's cheer Ms Bluebell on all the way to Christmas (and beyond!).

  • Sounds like graduation will be easy for you now, well done. Good luck on the weight loss. I have at least one and a half stone to lose.

  • Thanks runningknitter and you too, I'll need all the luck I can get :)

  • Well done on getting out there despite your niggly leg :)

    Graduation here you come!

  • Thanks Atomic, weirdly my leg has been fine since my run, maybe it prefers running than walking ;)

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