My First Park Run (Week 8 Run 3)

You might have picked up that I'm an early riser.

I decided to have an early night, which meant that I was accidentally awake at 04:00 this morning, full of nervous energy. Not really how I wanted the day to start :)

I eventually got down to the park, did a circuit of the course as a warm-up walk.

Obviously, at this point, the gremlins are whispering about how long the course seems.

A couple of elite runners fly past me with their "100 runs" t-shirts on- their warm up was seemingly to do 5k just for a laugh, before the actual run. :)

The gremlins keep on going- it's not like a solo run- it'll be terrible, you'll embarrass yourself, etc, etc.

Just like last week (on my reconnaissance) everyone was very friendly and welcoming, so the gremlins were soon banished.

The run starts, I deliberately start off right at the very back. Tactical error.

I've got a particular pace (it's obviously not that fast), but I felt hemmed in - I couldn't get my natural stride, so I had to edge past some people.

Me- overtaking people at an organised run! Will this madness never end?! :)

The course is 3 laps. The time flew by, but I over-paced myself a bit on the second half of lap 1. I took it slower on lap 2. Lap 3 I did some walking intervals, and I didn't have enough in the tank for a sprint finish.

It was a little bit weird running with other people, because you have to keep adjusting your pace, based on what people around you are doing.

Having said that, it was an absolutely brilliant, brilliant experience. I had to fight very hard to control my competitiveness, and just do my own thing.

It was my first run without music, because I think it would have reduced my spatial awareness. My god! My heavy breathing! I was actually a bit embarrassed- I make a right racket! :)

There was an elite runner who spent the whole run shouting "burn! burn! burn!" as he went along, which was a bit odd. I think he meant "push through the pain barrier!", rather than "pyromaniac coming through!" :)

Having people cheer you on is such a helpful boost.

The endorphin rush when I finished was crazy, off-the-scale. I was knackered, but it gave me such an amazing sense of jubilation and satisfaction.

TL;DR - Park Run is absolutely awesome. I am still on such a high. I love it. :)

A brilliant end to an otherwise **** week.

"Your time was 34:28. You finished in 271st place and were the 187th male out of a field of 349 parkrunners and you came 30th in your age category VM40-44."

Bear in mind, I could hardly shuffle for 60 seconds at the end of April. It's mid-June now.

Have a great weekend :)


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40 Replies

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  • Brilliant - I can hear the buzz from your words! Well done!

  • Super first Parkrun report and a very respectable time too! Well doneπŸ™‚ Bet you'll be smiling all dayπŸ™‚

  • I think I'll be smiling 'til the next one Sandraj39 :)

  • Fantastic! Very well done to you for completing in a great time.

  • Great post you! Very well done.. you did yourself.. and us proud! :)

  • I'm officially attached to the C25k Running Club :)

  • Brilliant post - well done :-)

  • Very well done, your enthusiasm is making me want to go find a parkrun now!

  • I see they've started them in Sweden recently. Hopefully Denmark next :)

  • We have a few in Denmark already - 6 or 7 in total I think - 3 of them here in Copenhagen, so I will definitely go one day soon. My only worry is, that participants tend to be quite fast here... I've looked at the results of today's run - and I would have been last in all three. That does not encourage me, I'm afraid. But if all the snails think the same and stay at home, then it's not in the parkrun spirit and one snail has to go first. Might as well be me :-)

  • Oh this is fab ! Well done Finchy !

    Great that you put those gremlins in their place and went for it, Good for you ! :-)

    I had to laugh at that runner shouting " Burn, Burn " Ha ha ! Whatever gets you through it , I suppose !

    Sounds like you really enjoyed it and I am so pleased for you .

    Oh and its the biggie next week ! Bring it on ! :-)

    PS.I LOVE the tags on your post ! :-D xxx

  • You never know when someone'll search for info on a "nervous pyromaniac" πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • Ha ha !

    Its given me an idea , on my next parkrun I am going to shout " Jaffa Cakes, Cuppa Tea " Ha ha :-D xxx

  • Brilliant, that's a great write up.

    Well done on the time too as its not too shabby for your first one eh πŸ˜€

  • fantastic 9oldfinch! thats a great time for a 5k, and then just noticed you're only on week 8 run 3, even more excellent! Glad you had fun, and will be going back for more! :)

  • Well done xx

  • Top work fella ☺parkrun really is such a great event , cracking time to, go you 90ldfinch 😊

  • I love your post. I can just see those elite runners going round pre run! It sounds like a good experience and makes me think I should try one after graduation. Must be hard to set your own pace in a crowd. Do you think music would help with this? I fear I will always have to run to Lauras music!

  • Hi dddd4 , I love listening to music on solo runs. I stopped using Laura's music in week 7πŸ™‰

    Quite a few people on the Park Run were listening to music, but I found that it was more useful to hear what was going on around me.

    A lot of the run was spent jockeying for position, and that was a new experience for me.

  • Well done ! Very good first effort, I guess you'll be back ?

  • Thanks henpen90 , you betcha :)

  • well done to you there are always those who act like tos....s but im glad it didnt put you off, by the way how do you add the little tags on the post?

  • They're generated automatically, I think. They appear underneath your post before you submit it.

    You can delete 'em, if you like. :)

  • Ah Finchy you are officially a legend - 34 minutes????!!!!!!! Absolutely brilliant - so glad the week has ended on such a high for you - only 3 to go now!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Thanks Indi πŸ˜„

  • Fabulous achievement - and a great time for your first parkrun!

  • Thanks Katie204 - it's all flat here- no bridge of doom :)

  • That's brilliant 90ldfinch and such an amazing time!

    Wow next week is THE biggy for you!!! You'll smash it!! X

  • Thanks Slinkyminky . It's almost in sight. :)

  • Awesome job 90ldfinch overcoming gremlins and finishing with such great stats, pat on the back!! πŸ˜€

  • Wow! What a fantastic achievement! Be very proud Finchy and enjoy the rest of the weekend. 😊

  • Well done 90ldfinch !! Amazing! Which park run was it? πŸƒπŸƒ

  • Walsall Arboretum- might sound grim, but it's great. Interesting Wikipedia info, if anyone is bothered. :)

  • Ahh 90ldfinch ! Interesting- that one is not so far from me! Might try it! πŸƒπŸƒ

  • Excellent job, well done :)

    I didn't get to overtake anyone. I happened to start in the middle of the group, just the way it kind of moulded itself, certainly not because I thought I was 'average'! All but 11 folk made it round me!

    Your progress is awesome :)

  • Wow. Well done! That is an amazing achievement. I am up to w8r3 and was thinking of trying a park run soon. Doesn't seem quite so daunting now.

  • Well done 90ldfinch don't think I will ever be brave enough to do the local park run.....

    You must be chuffedπŸ˜„

  • Never say never Radleychick !

    I see you were out for an early run in the rain today- I bet that sounded unlikely at one point. :)

    Yes, I am a bit chuffed. I was so full of beans this morning, I was out for a 5am walk. πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ :)

  • Yep it did.... Didn't think I'd get past week one!πŸ˜€

    Look forward to seeing you graduate πŸ˜€πŸΎπŸ…πŸŽ½

  • Thanks, and the same to you too :)

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