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Week 8 Run 3 #VomRun

Hello! I'm Rob and I'm new to this community. I finished W8R3 this morning begrudgingly. R1 this week was in the rain and in the high 40sF (I like in West Michigan right by the lake). R2 was in the high 30s and I did not dress accordingly. And finally, today I threw up around the 21 minute mark. Added an extra minute and finished though. Puke and rally right?

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Sterling work, Sir.

Puke, faint or die: only one of these is an acceptable excuse not to finish.


Hiya welcome aboard even at this late stage 🏃‍♀️🏃


Wow welcome Rob. How lovely to hear that you still managed to complete the run despite losing your stomach contents. That's determination if ever I heard of it. Well done.

I envy your running environment; it's a chilly 13 degrees here and I have nothing as scenic as Lake Michigan to run round.

Good luck with next week, you are almost there now :0)


Yuk... slow down and wear the right gear ? Well done?


Running in heat- there's a novel idea for us Brits!! I am beginning to dig out gloves etc.

But would it be better/cooler early morning? I was cycling in MA this summer- I couldn't manage in the heat at all - early morning was essential- which fitted well with jet lag!


Gosh, not sure I could run in that heat! Well done for completing. Every success for Week 9 😀


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