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Week 8 Run 3 - Park Run

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Hi everyone. So finished off week 8 at my local Park Run. Was really tough as there were 4 sets of steps through the woods and was really burning my legs. There were 372 runners and I came 335th. I'm quite proud of myself because 2 months ago I'd have been last!!

Graduation week next week! 😬

Apologies for the picture. This was at the end and I'd been running in my cap. πŸ™ˆ

19 Replies
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Well done you... !

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You did awesome! Great job!

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WOW MrsT the park runner, very well done mate, you are a star. 🌟

Brilliant, impressed!

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You go Mrs T, brilliantly well done !

What's worrying is that next month my age category changes from SW30-34 to VW35-39. I'm currently a senior woman and next month I'll be a veteran woman 😩😩😩

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Cornet-CarolynGraduate in reply to MrsT82


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Cornet-CarolynGraduate in reply to MrsT82

What category do 56 year olds join, 🀣

It seems there are only 3 age descriptions of Junior, Senior and Veteran and then they narrow those down with age brackets of 5 years within. But that veteran bracket starts way too young in my opinion! X

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Polly2810Graduate in reply to MrsT82

What will I be then am 50!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Well done on a great Parkrun and 35.28 is a brilliant time too😊

No worries for you starting Week 9 you know you can do it, so enjoy your graduation week and we will listen out for your whoop on R3😎...

Taken a while but I can't want to get there now. πŸ˜€

As we can't see the bottom of your face... were you wearing your cap on your chin?

I think you did brilliantly it's a cracking achievement. Did Erica and Flynn witness your triumph? Looking forward to your graduation post...

Glad all the horrid colds and illness are now behind you. Well done

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MrsT82 in reply to Jancanrun

They didn't. Erica has swimming on a Saturday morning but we have now figured out that we could still get her there on time if they did come. So maybe next week.

Ha ha the cap was in my hand at this point. Was too hot after finishing but meant my hair was shocking.

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What a great achievement...well done. And steps included!! Any kind of varation from flat completely throws me. Enjoy the last week of the programme and revel in your success.

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MrsT82 in reply to Rhodalewis

It's funny because all of my routes from run 1 have included inclines. And now I'm doing longer runs I'm regularly doing 43+m gains. So I thought I'd be used to anything. The problem with these steps was that they were wide so couldn't just run up like normal house stairs. Hard to explain. But I was watching others run up and eventually I would like to do that too. X

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Sounds like you have set yourself a challenge and I'm sure you'll conquer it. Good luck with those steps next time you face them.

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Fantastic, well done you! Onwards and forwards, girl. Graduation is in sight :)

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Awesome! Really, VERY well done! :)

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