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Week 8 Run 3 a very satisfying run !


I really didn't know how this morning's run would go. Run 2 of week 8 had been a challenge I had slowed down slightly and at the 27 minute mark I couldn't up the pace for the final minute.

By contrast this morning went well ... well almost to plan ... the pod cast cut out between 10 minutes and half way - but I carried on running and fumbled around with the mobile and the podcast picked up where I left off ... it probably added a 2 to 3 minutes to the run ... (so yep now looking at a 30 - 31 minute run) ...

I felt a bit tired with 5 minutes left ... but the last minute "one minute to go !" was brilliant ... I'd just turned the corner into my my road and suddenly I found extra energy and really ran that last 60 seconds .. finished the run on about 5.15km .. and getting past the 5k even if it took longer than 30 minutes felt really good

Week 9 starts Monday morning - and I'll see if I can consistently run 30 minutes while breathing in through the nose and then out through the mouth. I can do it for a while on a run but only if I concentrate on it , then my hayfever can become an issue and I end up switching to breathing in and out though the mouth !

Once again hope everyone has a great time out there and enjoy the running (enjoy the runs ... just doesn't sound right!)

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Well done. Don’t worry too much about breathing - sometimes you need the amount only mouth breathing can give you!

RichardJHGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

Many thanks Jay - just wish I could manage with the nose per Laura's instructions, I keep trying !

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to RichardJH

I gave up. I can do it in the last third of a run if the first two thirds haven’t been terrible. But I’m more comfortable mouth breathing.


Well Done on the run! W9 is hard. Legs are quite fatigued by then so just be prepared to dig deep. I had lots of issues with the app in W9 too, only once got beyond 10 mins and never completed the whole run.

Re breathing, I have hay fever and asthma, induced by HF. Tried the breathing for 5 minutes and realised it just wasn't going to work for me. Continued after that doing it my way and as my fitness improved so did my breathing without worrying about technique. Do what feels natural is my advice.

Good luck with your graduation week!

RichardJHGraduate in reply to Hidden

Many thanks Sutsha - W9 sounds quite a challenge , I'll just have to give it my best and see how it goes . Glad I'm not the only one finding the breathing in through the nose a tricky , I will again do my best and see how things go. I'll post an update after Monday mornings run !


Don't worry. The breathing will improve over time.

Just keep doing what you're doing, you'll be fine 👍😁


Many thanks for the advice ! I'll keep trying !


Well done Richard! We are almost neck and neck! My run will be Tuesday though. I plan to finish on Saturday (all being well).

I’m glad you had a good end to W8 and you can bask in the knowledge you’ve already run at least 30 mins!

Graduation week will be a doddle! Good luck! 😀


Many thanks Simon , I hope all goes well for you on your runs this week on Tuesday , Thursday, and Saturday - yep this is it - its graduation week and the podium is within reach. - hoping the lasagna I've just eaten will fuel me for that first morning run !

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