My first 5k

I know I'm never going to set any land speed records so if you're expecting me to say I did 5k in 30 minutes, you're looking at the wrong post.

I decided that I was going to see how long it took me to do a 5k this morning, given the issue with my toe I knew this was going to be a long SLOOOOWWWW run.

I did my 5 minute warm up walk, reset the treadmill and set off with it on distance countdown. I got into my usual slow and steady pace and hoped that my toe wouldn't cause me any issues.

5 minutes in, no issues, kept telling myself, keep this pace, keep this pace.

10 minutes on, no issues, keep this pace, keep this pace.

12 minutes in, no issues, speed up, speed up

13 minutes in, no issues, slow down back to the slow and steady pace, it's a marathon not a sprint.

I completed the whole 5k, 44:26, I know I can do it faster than that but I don't want to cause issues with my currently broken toe, so far, it's happy with long slow runs, so that's what I'll do for the next few weeks. Speed training can wait a little.

I think I need do at least 1 5k per week, until I'm happy my toe has healed I may even push that to 2 or 3. According to my Garmin, my recommended recover time is 38 hours, that's less than what it says I need after a speed run session.

Happy running everyone.


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14 Replies

  • Wow well done. I think it would take me longer and I don’t have a broken toe lol

  • Don't worry about how long it takes you to reach 5k, just keep with the program and then work up to it.

    A serious runner once asked me a simple question, if he and I both ran 5k, if it took him 17 minutes and me 45, who has the best run?

    I was a little shocked by the answer to begin with but when you think about it it's right, it would be me, he can knock 5k out quite easily where-as for me it would be harder, hence a better run.

  • You ran with a broken toe!!! 😭 Wasn't it really painful? I know there's nothing they can do for a broken toe. My husband still talks about one of his best games of golf which he played with a broken toe 😩

    Good for you and well done on the 5K.

  • It doesn't hurt or I would stop running, hence the long slow run. I did a fast short run last week in Limerick, covered 3/4 of my usual distance in 2/3 of the time.

  • Well done on your 5k and with a broken toe too 👏

  • Thanks.

  • Well done wheyyyy heyyyy 😄🏅♠️🎉

    That’s Ace ♠️ Matey .... I’m around that speed and sometimes a little slower WITHOUT a broken toe ... doing 1 x 5k a week plus a 4K and 3k to work on my speed on shorter runs ...

    Great run but be careful with the toe .. extra rest days whilst injuried 😴

  • I'm just glad to get to 5k if I'm honest, if the toe hurt at all I would stop but it doesn't (or I'm ignoring it just so I can run!!!).

  • A broken toe! I missed something but well done. Who'd be thought a few weeks ago that you would run 5k despite having a BROKEN TOE!!

  • Helen to be fair, 11-12 weeks ago who would have thought I've have run for 30 minutes, let alone continue to 5k.

  • Well done on running your first 5k Lee..

    Many more to come😊xxx

    Happy running *watch that toe😯*x

  • Brilliant leeU 🏃 wow 15k a week sounds loads but ur rite it doable . Good luck and hope ur toe heals soon x

  • Hey I have been in Derbyshire today and you certainly had the wind! Saw 1 or 2 Runner's around Chesterfield really struggling to run in the wind!

  • That’s a really good idea...just seeeing how long 5k to think about for me...thanks LeeU

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