First ever 5k

Hey guys, sorry it's been so long, life gets in the way and that.

Still been running, you'll be pleased to know! Last week I actually managed a sub-8 minute km which is madness since my fastest at one point was like 12.

I've been using the normal c25k podcasts because I still need a bit of structure but today I decided just to keep going after the 30 minutes to see if I could and I did!

I managed to run 5k for the first time ever. Like ever ever. Crazy. Took me 43 minutes but now I know I can actually keep going that long I can work on speed and stuff.

Hope you're all well. Gotta go pack and catch a plane to Barcelona tomorrow to see Robbie Williams. WOOO LIFE IS GOOD

Lotsa love


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  • Grest stuff katy. Well done! Keep on running girl!

    Enjoy your gig! I am going to a local rock night this weekend. High heels and tight jeans at the ready! Yeeeeeehah ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Gonna have my running shoes on for Rob, gotta be ready to bounce! Hahaha, enjoy!!

  • Well done Katy! Keep going and the times will drop and drop. Enjoy seeing the Robster strutting his stuff, and Barcelona - one of my favourite cities!

  • Seeing Barcelona for the first time and Robbie for the 10th, love love love life. 2015 is the best and choosing to run is the best, LOVE LIFE WOOHOO

  • That's a great feeling isn't it? Both the sub 8 KM and your time for 5K - you're on your way now! Enjoy your concert, hope you get a chance to run.. xx

  • Thanks CG! Only a quick trip, friday-sunday so will be running Sunday night back in Alicante :-)

  • Wow, that is a great achievement! Congratulations!!

  • Thank you Tomas!

  • That's a great achievement well done. Barcelona is a wonderful city. Enjoy your time there :)

  • Thank you!

  • Go you ! Time sounds might fine to me for a 1st.

  • Woohoo thank you! Hoping to do GNR next year so just gotta up the distance now hahhaa

  • I bet it's warmer where you are! It was ruddy taters here this evening. Brrrrrr

  • was quite nice I thought down in London!

  • Starting to hit the 20s, can't complain ;)

  • you'll change your tune when you start trying to run in mid June in 35 degree heat ;)

  • Haha it's okay I should be home to Northumberland before it gets too hot. Leave here mid-June. When I first got here it was 40+ and I melted.

  • I'm in Derbyshire and it was cold and so windy. Lovely starry skies though

  • ah yes. lovely part of the world. Used to live in Sheffield (just about) and spent a good few evenings and weekends walking round Castleton, Hope...

  • Barcelona. Got to get some proper Paella! Not the really dry stuff from Valencia!

    (In all seriousness though, I found Barca to be really expensive! Refused to go in the Segrada Familia on a point of principle haha)

  • I've lived in Spain since September, had enough paella to last me a lifetime hahaha. We've prebooked student tickets for the Sagrada Familia so hopefully it'll be worth it! High prices are a given but I don't mind it's just a weekend :-) That's what the student loan is for! Woooo

  • Amen to that!

  • Oh katy that's fab news. So well done. You're clearly going from strength to strength. Enjoy Barcelona and Robbie.

  • Enjoy yourself Katy ! Exciting times ahead for you , and Well done on hitting the magic 5k

    Youre doing so well , good on ya ! :-) xxx

  • I did my first 5K too this weekend. I swapped Wk9 podcast to just a mix of music and kept positive and determined! Well done, keep at it.

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