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Just managed my first 5k

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Well to say I'm rather pleased with myself is an understatement. Today I managed my first 5k jog. Although I completed the challenge I never managed to complete a 5k in 30 minutes but I was more than happy to be able to achieve the running times required during each stage of the challenge as being a 60 plus overweight woman thought it better to concentrate on stamina rather than speed. My pace is slow and then probably slower still but I managed the 5k this morning in 52 minutes which I know is slow but boy am I so pleased with myself. I'm keen on the Japanese slow jogging method that I've read about on here so think I'll be looking further into this.

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You deservedly feel great! Well done!

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SandtheplodderGraduate in reply to

Thank you. Night-Watchman. The support of this forum is great.

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Wow! Well done, a fantastic achievement! I'm doing consolidation runs but I think when I pluck up the courage to go for 5k my time will be very similar to yours! But hey it's 5k! Well done indeed!😀

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SandtheplodderGraduate in reply to Blossom-

Thank you. When I hit the 5k I couldn't believe it, stood checking my watch for ages in case I'd read it wrong. Good luck, sure you'll get to 5k very soon.

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Well done - you are an inspiration to me.

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SandtheplodderGraduate in reply to Gordygirl

Ah bless you Gordygirl what a lovely thing to say. The support, advice and words on this forum definitely helped me complete the challenge and got me to 5k. Onwards and upwards.

Well done, as another older, overwight woman I will not be doing 5K at the end of week 9 but intend to slowly build up my time until I can. I hope I do as well as you.

Thank you for your response to my post and even though I know many have said it before me I'll say it again - if I can do it anyone can.

Well done! Great job 🥇

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SandtheplodderGraduate in reply to SJ60

Thank you.

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Fantastic well done!

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SandtheplodderGraduate in reply to BowlingT

Thank you

Wow I dream of being able to run continuously for 52 minutes. That’s fantastic, well done 👍

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Thank you. I couldn't actually believe I'd done it either, thought any moment I'd wake up and find i was still in bed needing to shift myself to get out for today's run

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Whoop whoop that’s fantastic - and I’m in absolute awe that you ran for 52 mins in the heat- amazing! 💪🏻👏🏼🏃🏼‍♀️

Well done 👍🎉 😀....I love the Japanese slow running!! I add it into my runs when I’m feeling like I want to walk or give up, it gives me a chance to catch my breath and stop my legs (temporarily) feeling like lead!! 😂😀🏃‍♀️

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It’s a great feeling isn’t it, well done 😊

Thank you Simoneemonster. Definitely think Japanese slow running is the way forward for me at the moment for building up the stamina and avoiding injury. When I'm more confident with my running I can then perhaps start to think about the pace.

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Good for you,

you should feel chuffed.

not everyone can run 5K , hope you have a nice celebration tonight

you deserve it.🙂🍷🍺🎈🎈

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Amazing, well done! 😊You must be so chuffed and proud of yourself! Cannot imagine running for that length of time! 👍That’s what I’m aiming for though, (very) eventually. 🤣🏃‍♀️🐢

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SandtheplodderGraduate in reply to Gannet1

Thank you Gannet1, I certainly am. Keep on in there and I'm sure you'll be doing a 5k much sooner than you think.

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Gannet1Graduate in reply to Sandtheplodder

Thank you! I will definitely try my best that’s for sure! 😊🏃‍♀️🐢

Well done! Pb in the bag! Now (and only if you want) you can work on the time. But absolutely no need to. I’m slow too but I don’t compare myself to others, just myself. Congratulations on a huge achievement.

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SandtheplodderGraduate in reply to 100kgtarget

Thank you 100kgtarget. Very good advice not to compare ourselves to others, just set your own targets. Its good that I now have my own benchmark time for 5k so I can work on the time when I feel comfortable with my stamina.

Amazing!!!! Well done 🥳

Thank you Foxyblue for your support.

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Well done 👏👏👏👏

Thank you Lainey1

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