5K seems a long way off!

I'm feeling happy at finishing W6 and running for 25 minutes - never thought I'd do that! But I'm a bit deflated at how slow I am and how far off 5K seems, at my pace it would take me about an hour! How long after graduating did it take you guys to get the speed up to enable you to run 5k? (Over-40's ex-couch potatoes espacially, advice required!)


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7 Replies

  • we are all different NTOY :) as the saying goes it is your race it is your pace :) don't worry about it to much for now, as all you need to do is run at a pace to be able to complete the timed run sections :)

    Speed and distance can come after you graduate ,which you will :D If I remember correctly it was a month or two after graduation I finally ran 5k in about 37mins ... but I have long legs :D

    Just keep doing what you are doing , I am sure you will naturally gain some pace as you carry on :D good luck

  • You just have to be patient. Keep running, and as you do so you will build up your strength. Your body has to keep up with you, and you have to wait for it to catch up, that's why your rest day is so important.

    Hang in there, keep slowly plugging away and you will do it. Staying power!

  • Well done, nearly there!

    I'm 52, and 11 months after graduation and my best time for 5 k is 41 minutes - please, do no get stuck on pace and comparisons, everyone is different. And as you said, you never thought you'd run 25 minutes...

    PS - and 41 minutes for me it is fast enough!

  • I graduated less than a month ago & have run a few 5K distances the fastest so far was 44.32 mins (the slowest was 49 mins) so I'm not fast by any means but it's steadily improving. Take your time & do it at your own pace.

    The aim of the prog is to run for 30 mins rather than do the 5K so don't give yourself a hard time. ☺

  • Please don't worry about it at this stage. Wait until you have got to the very end of W9 before thinking about speed and distance. Well done on being able to do the 25 minutes, you just will get a bit faster as you go along.

  • Don't be too ambitious, that can spoil everything. The goal is just to be able to run for 30 minutes, no matter how slowly. I did the first run of week 8 today and was really chuffed that my distance was almost 3,4 km. It might be less next time though, but I never thought I would ever be able to run for 28 minutes. And I am glad to say I have not been overtaken by someone with a Zimmer frame so far. ;-). I am sure that goes for you to. Keep up the good work and go even slower if you have to, week 7 can be a bugger.

  • I graduated yesterday - 48, 5'2", about right weight wise. I am running at an hour for 5K pace at the moment and hysterically laughing at the prospect of the walkers overtaking me in my Race for Life next month!

    Like everyone else has said, pace really honestly truly doesn't matter. Some of us are built for speed, some of us aren't. Maybe we'll get faster, maybe we won't. But every run we do, our hearts get stronger, our legs get stronger, our lungs work better and our confidence grows and our minds get clearer. Isn't that fantastic?

    Plus did you ever think you could run at all? I know I didn't!! Enjoy it, be proud of what you've achieved and put the worries aside 😊

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