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6 month runniversary!

This week marks 6 months since I started W1R1 (for the second time, but I'm not counting the first false start). This morning I ran because I can, but more than that I ran because I wanted to! Before starting C25K I was totally run-averse, for the first 6 weeks I kept thinking 'this will be the one I can't do', from week 7 I began to believe I could complete the program. Graduation was amazing but I wondered if I could make myself continue. Hey! I did! 3Ks, 4Ks, 5Ks and even one 6K! I haven't run three times every week, I've had minor injuries that have held me back, but I have discovered grit and determination ... and a bit of a liking for running :D

After twenty + (wonderful) years of child-rearing, I've achieved something for myself and by myself. It's not done; the 30 minute 5K still eludes me, I haven't been brave enough to try Parkrun, I'd like to gradually extend my distance and one day run 10K - and I believe I will.

About to go away. Kit packed. Seaside route mapped out. Can't wait. (Winter run kit ordered, ready to be picked up this afternoon, so no excuses when I get back :D)

So far this has been a brilliant journey and all because a friend just happened to mention she had just completed the program ... oh, AND because I stumbled across the lovely people here.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me, good luck to anyone who is just starting out, and happy running to one and all!

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You really ought to give Parkrun a try - I'm sure you'd enjoy it! (My 6 month runniversary this week too, but currently on the injury couch so have to be content with Parkrun volunteering for now.)


Oh no. Poor you. It's really frustrating isn't it. Hope you are back out running very soon. Take care.

I will try Parkrun one day; just waiting til I'm totally injury free so I can give it y best shot. I know that's not really necessary, but it's been enough to stop me getting out there. I'm not great with the unknown, and have thought about volunteering first to get round that.


Great to hear you are still running.

Parkrun is highly recommended and would help you have some focus. It doesn't have to be every week, but it is supportive and fun and the only person you are competing with is yourself.

Holiday running is the best.........enjoy it!

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Enjoy your hol! I'm

I'm week 5/1 and actually for the first time in my life I almost enjoyed running today! At least I don't actually hate it now! Im 54 .Maybe I'll be posting on here in 5 months!


If you almost enjoyed w5r1, wow just wait for w5r3 - you jave a real treat just ahead ☺


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