Finished C25K & on to B210K

Yay !!!! I finished the C25K Program and have moved on to B210K ! I couldn't believe the difference from week 1 to the end of the Program. That first day, by the last run I thought the final 60 second run was never going to end ! Then to finish the Program running 30 minutes non-stop....Wow ! I am slow, but like the t-shirt says ... I am lapping evryone who is still on the couch .

Having said that.... I can't believe the difference I felt on day 1 on B210K. It felt just as hard as when I started C25K. I am now on Week 3 run 2 , whew..... So far, no set-backs. A lot of muttering to myself, to say the least ! Hoping to get through this Program and just keep in shape from there .

Guess I should say... I am almost 53. Haven't ran since Highschool... Decided I needed to try & get back in shape. I had a Friend who did the C25K , and she was so excited & happy with the results, I thought I'd see what it was all about. It seemed like an attainable goal, so I gave it a go and haven't stopped since !

Enjoy reading all the post on here....They have helped me see I wasn't the only one who was curious if others were having the same questions

Thanks to everyone ! Just wanted to share my experience with everyone !!!

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  • Wow! Great post. Congratulations. Maybe I'll look into the b210k

  • Thanks for the reply ! I appreciate it . I like the B210K... It is challenging to me, but as I said before, I was way out of shape before starting the C25K program. I want to get to the next level of fitness, and I think B210K will get me there.

    Best of Luck to you runswithdogs , on however you decide to continue !!!

  • Congratulations! It's the best when you finally finish that last run isn't it! Don't forget to get your graduate badge!

    Good luck with the 10k xxxx

  • Thank you ! Yes it is a very Satisfying moment when the realization sets in, that you have reached the Goal you set out to do !

  • Well done on your progress, I'd like to give that a try too! Please could you give me the link?

  • It's a good programme follow this link, I found it on here, thanks to Andystev and CaroleC

  • I just did day one and not sure I will be able to stand up again for an hour or so!

    I found it via a Bazza post (and it did, as he said, take quite a while to download):

    Bazza1234 Graduate

    You can download them here

    PS -- it;s a big download - around 500 megabytes and takes a while.

  • I know that feeling Slookie ! I thought it would be easier than it was...Wow ! It wasn't long until I remembered how I started C25K ....... One foot after the other & just keep going ....Lol

  • Thank you ! I sent you a message for the B210K.

  • Well done :) best of luck with B210k

    Happy running :)

  • Thank you ! I appreciate it !!!

  • Ah how lovely , can I ask - is the B210K a podcast too ?

    Well done on your stellar effort :)

  • Thank you ! Much Appreciated !!!There are some Podcasts out there , but I am not using one myself. I decided to try it without a Podcast. I wasn't sure at first, but it's going okay . (Thus far )...Lol

  • Congratulations! It's a great achievement. Well done, too on managing the jump to B210k.

  • Thank you for your kind words ! I appreciate it ! Would never imagined I'd be doing it, when I started C25K .

  • Well done! 10k here you come!

  • Thank you ! Looking forward to challenging myself...Again !!!!

  • Excellent. Really well done. I might have a look at that B210K too. I finished c25k last night too. Good luck with it!

  • Thank you ! Congratulations on completing your C25K ! I think you would like doing the B210K. If you like Challenging yourself ( well, it's a challenge to me anyway )...Lol. Good Luck !!!

  • Well done!

    I know what you mean about starting b210k. I completed week 2 of b210k on friday and I have found these runs difficult. However, it does seem that they have helped. I'm on holiday this week so decided that I would do 3 x 5k runs this week and get back to b210 when I get home. I completed the first of my 5k runs this morning and it is the first since the last run of c25k. I found it so much easier and my pace had improved considerably. So as with c25k I am going with the "no pain, no gain" mantra and putting my faith in the program.

    Wishing you all the best with b210k. Keep us posted on your progress.

  • Thank you ! I agree .... Faith in the Program. I was so skeptical when I started C25K. I found myself amazed at how quickly my progress came . Needless to say, it made a believer of me.

    I like the idea of you doing the 5K runs. Plus the fact that you found it easier and your pace had improved, is encouraging to me , as well. Best of Luck to you !!!

  • Fantastic news and congratulations on completing your c25k :) It's a great feeling isn't it? As you say, when you look back to w1 r1 it's hard to believe just how far you've come. Good luck with B210K ;)

  • Thank you ! It was such a Great feeling to complete it ! When you have that last minute to run, and it starts to sink in that you are going to accomplish your Goal..Wow !!!!!!!! To get to that point , after such a doubtful start at the beginning of the program.

  • Exactly. It seems to be a mixture of relief, amazement, disbelief and excitement at what's ahead :)

  • Yes... That pretty much sums it up. Very well said !

  • Hey, I am 53 and also hadn't run since school. I ran my second 10K yesterday and it is a FAB feeling! I only wish I'd started earlier when my muscles might have recovered a bit more quickly :-)

    Good luck with the 10K!

  • Thanks ! Congratulations to you, as well !!!! I agre with you.... Wish I had started running again, a little earlier in life .. Lol. The old muscles just don't recover quite as quickly, these days.

  • Thank you ! It makes me feel good to hear that . It's always a good feeling to have someone validate your Progress ! I will check out your link. Thanks again !

  • well done!!! is this bridge to 10k I have been doing week 1 of this and done 2 runs but im finding it really hard going but its only 4 10min runs with 1min walk between each has anyone else found it hard or is it me having a mental block???

  • Have a look at KittyKat's comments in the answer above about b25k. They're spot on. B25k isn't a great programme. There are more and better ways of making progress after c25k, that don't carry such a high risk of injury.

  • Thank you ! And no, you are not alone in finding it hard to do...Lol. I thought by it being split up, it would be a piece of cake, since I had run the 30 minutes in the C25K Program. However, I agree with you. For some reason, I found it just as hard starting this Program, as I did the C25K. I am on week 3 now, and I do feel it is starting to get easier. Don't give up. Just keep plugging along & I think it will start getting easier for you as well. Good Luck !

  • Thanks for this have been out today and done 5 k without to much of a problem so will do this again this week and then on the 3rd run try to do may be 33 mins which is an increase of 10% as suggested will try the pod casts next week .like quite a few of us on here im not as young as I used to be (55)

  • Welcome ! Glad to share my experience. I was so Surprised and Pleased with the Program, I wanted to share it and encourage others to give it a try. It is an attainable goal. It gives you a very Satisfied feeling when you finish ..... Not to mention, feeling better physically :)

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