Week 6 completed

Just finished week 6 and Laura says I'm a runner! Feels good. I can't quite believe I ran for 25 mins non stop but I did - me who was gasping for breath after a couple of minutes in the early weeks. I remember when my young son ran with me and kept asking if I was alright because he thought I was going to collapse. Not going fast but faster than last run because I got further in the first ten minutes than last time. Managed to run on grass for five minutes which is a nice contrast for my feet and gives me a distraction. Slight incline for last minute but still managed to up the pace a fraction so feeling very pleased with myself. Good luck to all the other 6 weekers out there if I can run for 25 minutes then so can you!

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  • Brilliant! Well done.

  • Thanks. Have been stretching and recovering, now off for a well earned shower.😊

  • Ummm...did you go out in the rain?!

  • No nice here, try and cool so pretty ideal co ditions so I had no excuse not to go. Bit wet where you are?

  • That's an understatement! Very wet and thundery. Hoping the thunder stays away until after 10.00 in the morning.

  • Hope it's dry tomorrow so you get your run. You don't want to slipping and injuring now, you are so close to the end.

  • Thanks - it's 20 mins tomorrow but somehow that feels bigger than 30! If I do run it'll be on the pavements rather than around the woods, as you say - don't want to risk it now!

  • Well done dd, no more walk breaks from now on

    Onwards & upwards!! X

  • Yep that's why it feels like real running. Will just keep checking my pace to make sure I can achieve each run.

  • Well done you x

  • Thanks for your support.

  • Well done ! Yes 25 minutes , how good is that ? :-)

    This is a real turning point now in the programme, a defining moment where you think " Yes , I can do this !! "

    Youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks, I really feel like I will make graduation now.

  • Well done dddd4 !I did that run this evening - was thinking of you and Plumesworld and Radleychick as I ran. Those last 5 minutes were VERY long!

  • We are all getting so close to the end now. I see the next weeks as a way of setting this running into a pattern for life now. I want to one of those people that just throw on their shoes and go off for a long run without a second thought. One of those athletic types that you see in gyms. Not an over weight middle aged women out of breath running half a minute to catch a bus

  • I think it's safe to say you are no longer one of those middle aged women who get out of breath running half a minute to catch a bus! I know what you mean about wanting to set a pattern for life. Good luck with the last bit. I'm running in your dust!

  • I know O habe to het this pattetn set otherwise I will be back on here starting all over again next yearπŸ˜•

  • Ha ha! Me too!

  • And me.... Except not sure if I'm still classed as middle aged...... In my head I am anyway! πŸ˜„

  • Just checked your posts and see you are only 3 years older than me and since I only became middle aged this year then you can't be out of that category yet. After all we are all planning to live to at least 100! 😁

  • Just finished week 6 slow but I did it your right dddd4 those last 5 mins felt so long......if Laura could see me not sure she would say I am a runner but happy and proud of what I've achieved!

  • She would

    We've done it and we are sure to get better from now just like we did in those early weeks. Well done. 25 mins!πŸ˜ƒ

  • Very well done... brilliant!

  • Thanks Oldfloss for your encouragement, it makes a difference to be able to tell people that understand what you've done.

  • Well done, be proud and stand tall

  • Thanks for your encouragement. I told everyone at work today. I felt so proud.

  • Very well done to you, it's so great to be able to run.


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