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week 6 failure then breakthrough

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Found run 3 on week 5 totally fine. I even ran for probably 22-23 mins. So for some reason Week 6 run 1 and run 2 were so so tough. My legs felt heavy and I nearly got a stitch, one of the things that I really suffered from before starting the program. When I got to week 6 run 3 I was really anxious and sure enough within minutes of starting the run it didn't feel good. I quit after like 13 mins. It didn't help that my bf broke up with me the day before. I ended up stopping in a park and having a little cry but that's another story.

So then I didn't know what to do. Go back to beginning of week 6 or just repeat that single run. I read somewhere that someone got through it by focusing on breathing right at the start so I that's what I did. The next day I repeated week 6 run 3. I slowed right down and really focused on my breathing and guess what? I did it!!! Comfortably enough to even up the pace for the last 60 seconds. So basically my advice to anyone with this problem is SLOW DOWN. I made sure my music was nice and loud cause I didn't like the sound of my slow plodding footsteps and really I feel confident about progressing on! I'll worry about going faster a different day. I comfortably kept running for 25mins and I'm super super proud of myself.

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Well done, sounds like you have got it sussed! You are right to be proud, not long now!

Well done you! I did Wk6 R1 tonight after the high of the 20 minute run and really struggled! Hoping I can follow in your footsteps and do the 25 mins, will follow your advice and focus on my breathing!

Happy running!

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Aww well done. Running is great for stress relief - hopefully it gives you some much deserved 'me' time. Any bad run is usually followed up by a good one. Sounds like yours worked out.

Very well done!

You are right - it's all about pacing yourself. As you run more, your capacity increases, but ask someone (not me obviously - not a hope in hell) about how they completed an iron-man triathalon and they'll tell you it's still all about pacing yourself.

So running is all about pacing, and pacing is all about having confidence in what you can do to see yourself through the difficult moments. The secret to completing a run is always to start at a pace you _know_ you can finish it at. Sounds like your confidence on the first attempt was at a real low (and who could be surprised) but you still got out for a run, so it's not all wasted, and now you've nailed it - so well done, once again!

Good luck with W7 - and happy running!


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Mulcahkk in reply to Ugifer

Ahh thanks! Such nice comments Ugi. Yeah I think that's great advice - start a run with a pace you know you can finish with. Finishing a run you are anxious about is such an awesome feeling. Happy running to you too.

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week 6 runs 1 and 2 always catch everyone out! for some reason everyone finds them difficult which is unexpected after week 5 r 3. but well done for pushing through, sounds like you have the right technique down :)

Great post, wk 6 run 3 for me next. This is a tough week but am determind

How did your week 6 run 3 go? I did week 7 run 1 and it was totally fine but then I got an awful stitch 3 mins from the end. Crazy bad but even though I ran like an old lady I still kept going hobbling from foot to foot. Was very proud of those 3 mins!

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Very well done. i also found wk5 run3 easy, but then struggled with wk6 run1. You have really encouraged me that I can get through this little hurdle.

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You can totally totally do it. After wk 7 run 1 getting that stitch I was apprehensive about second 25 mins run so once again I slowed down from the start and bingo a much better run. Even upped the pace for the last minute. The weird thing was my other fitness app showed even though I thought I was going slower I was running the fastest pace I had so far even though I thought I was going extra slow. Your mind plays tricks on you. Maybe that's your fitness building up? Anyways slow down, slow down, slow down and that'll do the trick :) GOOD LUCK

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