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I did it! I graduated!

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I did it! I completed my graduation run this morning with Jo Whiley cheering me on! I am so pleased with myself, given that in the early weeks I was rubbish, slow and got loads of cramps.

Now I can run for 30minutes!

I only managed just over 3K though as I think I took 'slow & steady' to a new level!

Where do I go now?

Is there an app with someone as lovely as Jo to actually get me to 5K and beyond? I can't say I completed Couch to 3K! It makes me sound like I have my own little club of snails.

Thanks for your encouragement guys. I actually got there!

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Well done graduate (do't forget to grab your badge). As for where next, well that's up to you.

I would spend a few weeks running 30 minutes 3 times a week. Before you embark on anything else. Pick a route and run with music, or a audio book and get some miles under your belt first.

Others will be on with ideas. Try many, try them all and have some fun!!

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CatwarlaGraduate in reply to Whatsapp

Thanks. I will.

Where do I get the badge though?!

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WhatsappGraduate in reply to Catwarla


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You have completed 30 minutes of running and that's great by any standards, congratulations!

Nobody said you would or should run 5K in half an hour, that's never been a deal ;) Only a handful of runners achieve that and that shouldn't be your target at this stage. As Whatsapp says, get used to 30min runs, three times per week and your times @ mileage will improve, if that's your thing.

Mind you, your legs are still getting used to all this chaos that you subjected them to so speed running could end up in muscle mutiny where only a skilled physio could help. At a cost. And you don't want that.

Simply listen to the most established refrain of 'Slow & Steady' as coined by inimitable Oldfloss and you will improve and get to wherever you want to go, safe and injury free.


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Well done mate, you have done an amazing thing. 🏅🏅🏅

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Fantastic well done you. Distance is irrelevant you have now run for 30 minutes!! You will get to 5k in the coming weeks. Congratulations again and enjoy your graduation moment. I am planning on doing my last run tomorrow morning eek!! xx

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CatwarlaGraduate in reply to Virginia60

You go for it. It will be amazing once you get going!

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Loads of us are nowhere near 5k when we finished the programme so don't worry. Just keep running and when you are comfortable with 30 minutes try running for a little longer. An increase of 10% at a time is a safe way to progress when you are ready but for now YOU DID IT WELL DONE! Relax and enjoy the amazing achievement :-)

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Yay 😀 Congratulations 🙌🏻🎉🎈😀👍 So pleased for you

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Consolidation!!! The 30 minute runs and different routes... building uo the legs and the body goes on.. then maybe C25K+ podcasts:)

But for now.. congratulations and... go and get that badge :)

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Many congratulations, fellow runner.

Consolidate at 30 minutes, as others say, but if you want to get to 5k, just increase one run by a few minutes each week until you get to your target.

keep running, keep smiling.

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CatwarlaGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you. I will keep going and I will get there as I have got here!

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Well done . I have just one run left on the programme and even with the walks either side, I am only doing 3.2km. Plan to perhaps stick to 30min run for a few weeks and then start to extend time by a couple of minutes a week until I get to 5k. Had an elderly man with a rucksack walk past me on week 7 when I was ‘running’ .

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CatwarlaGraduate in reply to Pink-Floyd

Well done you. Nearly there and it feels good doesn't it? I think I will just build up gradually as all the advice has said. I'm reassured that people overtake you as well!!

Awesome job xxxx

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