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W7r3 done

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Well that was by far the toughest one yet. Slow and steady only just got me over the line, and it was slow. Lungs were bursting, sweat was dripping I pretty much crawled but the last minute....30 minutes later just about recovered but chuft I did it 😁

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That's fantastic well done.

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WindozeGraduate in reply to Jenny1970

Thank you 🤗

Well done :-) and I can say that meaninfully, as I am currently stuck in a week 7 vortex - and hoping, using advice I've been given on this forum (Oldfloss et. al.) I can break free into wk8!!! :-)

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WindozeGraduate in reply to BeccaMM

Thank you. I'm sure you'll crack it 😊

Even if you have to spend a few weeks building up that extra little bit of stamina. I'm looking at that extra 3mins with a beady eye and a lot of respect after today

Well done to you

Hope I make it this time next week

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I’ve just completed same run too but I need to have a few mini walks (20-45secs) which I add on to the end so I’m still running 25 mins...

I’m in the vortex of week 7 and might attempt a few more before I go to 28 mins. I’m happy with my pace so I’d like to tackle not slowing to a mini walk.

I’m also going g to stretch my calves more.

Well done!!! You pushed yourself hard and you should be rightly proud of yourself. I don’t feel I push myself so hard hence why I stop. I hate the feeling so bad and don’t seem to have willpower to push through it. 😆 the lactic acid build up feels too vile.

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Yay well done you.

It's not a race so slow and steady is the key to finishing. Just keep going.

It's amazing how this app is changing our lives for the better isn't it?

Love the fluorescent top by the way - very nice ;)

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WindozeGraduate in reply to J9_54

Thank you very much 😁 I have to admit my yeĺlow top is my fave 🤣

Slow and steady is fine and crawling for the last minute, we've all been there at one time or another, well done you for gritting it out...

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Very well done.. if you struggle, then just slow down more... find your happy pace as you let those newly found running legs carry you gently though:)

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