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W7r3 done in beautiful surroundings!

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The photo is a hat-tip (literally!) to Whatsapp who suggested I should use a hat! Didn't really need it at a quarter to nine pm but wanted to acknowledge your advice for the future!

As I posted earlier I think Farmoor reservoir is a great place to run. The circuit of the whole thing is 4.6 Kms, do pretty close to the target 5k. Also there is a short cut directly across it if you want a shorter run.

Absolutely beautiful running round it seeing the setting sun on the water, and the only other living things being the ducks, geese and occasional friendly anglers.

Only downside was right at the end I got a strong whiff of goose-poo! Saw the animal in the act, and a few seconds later (downwind) - not pleasant!! Sorry. Too Much Information I think!

When I started on week 1 and was running 60 seconds at a time, and I saw Week 7 with 25 minutes I thought "I'll never manage that!". Well I did - what a brilliant program!

Will definitely go back for week 8 and see if I can get all the way round it. Was about 100 m short tonight. I actually ran the last minute of the cool down walk as I still had some left in the tank.

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Brilliant! You are so close....where did you get your hat? I should probably have one too, I tried in the early days but it made my head so hot... is it a proper running cap?

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iain-strachanGraduate in reply to Curlygurly2

I got in Next in Didcot. I'm pretty sure it's not a running cap though.

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What a lovely place to run. I'd never heard of it before so I just looked it up but it's a bit far away. Sounds ideal for running. It says it's a little over 4 miles around (6km) Are you doing more than you thought? Lovely picture. Enjoy week 8 ☺

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iain-strachanGraduate in reply to McFitty

There are two walks - one is through surrounding woodland which may be the one you saw. The perimeter of the reservoir is 4.6 km. Strava recorded 4.5 for my run.

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McFittyGraduate in reply to iain-strachan

Ah that makes sense. The bit I was looking at was listed as the reservoir walk. My pooches would love it. It's on my bucket list now😊

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iain-strachanGraduate in reply to McFitty

How far away is it for you? I'm about 7 miles so it's quite convenient

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McFittyGraduate in reply to iain-strachan

Ha! 54.9 miles from me, so a bit further! Me, hubby and pooches will have to have a weekend away😆

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Brilliant. I love reading your run reports, and I'm much happier now you have a hat👏. You might not need it for the sun this time, but it may protect you from any friendly fire from low flying ducks and geese

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