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Week 7 - done!

So I’ve done the final week 7 Run this morning. Did the run 2 on the treadmill after a gym session - I hate running on the treadmill it’s so dull but it’s good for keeping a more consistent speed I guess so I may do one a week on that to help build speed (I’m slower than a snail at the moment). Anyway the toxic 10-13 is still giving me grief as is my breathing but I guess having given up smoking in June means it will.... it the second half of the runs are really OK so that spurs me on. Oh and my soundtrack of odd early 80s new wave 🙄

Week 8 here I come!!!

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Well done on working out a plan for running that works for you, especially as the second half of your runs are getting better.

Another 80s retro runner... there's quite a few of us on here...

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Well done 👍 I’ve done treadmill runs like you - good luck 😉 with week 8!! 👍🏃🏼‍♀️😊💕😊

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Thanks - how are you doing? I think if I do my 1st down the riverbank, 2nd in the gym and third as usual over at Shouldham Warren then that is a good weekly plan!


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