Week 7 done

Well there goes another week, I don't think any weeks in my life have ever passed so quickly (especially pregnancy related weeks!!).

This one felt so much better than r2... Perhaps it was my extra little split-run I had with my son at the weekend helping! I had a couple of tech issues tonight, with c25k app in the background so I could try using my own music, I was getting a little tired of the podcast music 4th time of hearing, but I didn't hear the app beep for the end of the run so ended up doing 26 minutes run. Guess that means 1 minute less for the gremlins to kick in starting w8 :)


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12 Replies

  • Well done! Just 6 more runs to go and you will be sporting a brand new badge.

    I ditched the podcast from Week 7 onwards (sorry Laura) and ran with my own music. Maybe that's why I struggled so much that week. I knew I had to go solo at some stage and that seemed like a good a time as any.

    Good luck with Week 8, just 2 more minutes on tonight's time. You know you can do it. 😀

  • Thankyou Pushing60!! I am tempted to ditch the podcasts but I also need to know who Julia is after reading so much about her in week 8 😂

  • I know what you mean since W6 R3 they have flow past for me.

  • Crazy fast! You are so so close now plop!! Good luck for the grad run!

  • Well done Feelingsilly!!

    We're soooo close now; 6 more runs to go X

  • Well done you..onward and upward! :)

  • I really love the idea that it's just an extra 3 minutes then 2 minutes more for W8 and W9. At this end of the programme it's so little relatively speaking. I'm about to finish W8 and on R1 I felt so good I actually did an extra minute or two deliberately, just because I could! Yes, we're so close....

  • I know it almost seems funny to only add an extra 3 or 2 minutes, when just a few weeks ago adding an extra 3 minutes to a run stretch would have seemed awful! Yes we are really are so close, well done on the extra bit on week 8!! Will be looking out for your shiny new badge super soon!!

  • Very well done - no need to be feeling silly anymore, is there Feelingsilly - perhaps it is soon time for a change of username - feelinggreat comes to mind :-) Best of luck for week 8. Graduation in just two weeks.

  • Haha Thankyou PippiRuns nice idea! I still feel very self concious walking out of my front door in my running stuff where all my neighbours can see me going out, but definitely beginning to feel great about what I've achieved so far. Maybe I'll think of a rename when I get to graduation... 😀

  • Well done. Not many runs to go now. Have you got a graduation run planned?

  • Not really thought too much about it yet- it feels too surreal, but I would quite like to go back to my w1r1 route near the end that I did with my kids, to really prove to myself how far I've come. I was really buzzing from even going out that day but, I literally couldn't do 30-45 seconds without feeling horrific, kids giggling as they gazelled along! It's not a very glamorous grad route though 😂 Have you planned yours yet?

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