Week One Run Two done on a treadmill!!

So I've joined the gym and as I'm paying for it I figured I might as well go in and use the treadmills as well as going to the classes. I found it so much easier running on the treadmill but I'm not really sure why.. I never used to be able to run on a treadmill but I was walking at speed 5.8 and running/jogging at speed 8.0. I was thinking that I might have been going too slow but when adjusting the speed I found it was my comfortable speed so maybe eating healthily and exercising is just making me fitter and more able to keep up with the programme but I don't know :D Running on a treadmill is okay right?? :)


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  • If you are doing your main runing outside, you would be better off doing some other form of cross training in the gym. Not the elliptical machine because that is waste of time. Rowing machine is the best. Spin bike good second best as long as you push yourself.

  • I didn't know you couldn't do it inside and outside :D

  • You can't , really, but we turn a blind eye here.

  • Why not??

  • Out of interest, what's wrong with the elliptical machine? They were all the rage a while ago, weren't they?

  • I'd do both. It's common to see on the forum that folks have challenges transitioning outside if all of their runs have been on a treadmill. If you mix and match you can get the best of both worlds.

  • Yeahh I think it will be easier for me to do a mixture :P

  • I started out on the treadmill due to balance issues and I didn't want to take a tumble outside and hit my head, I did the first 3 weeks on a treadmill, I then decided to go outside but instead of going straight on to the paths I did the next 3 weeks running on grass whilst kicking a football around (you don't have to kick a football around, I'm part of this football team so was keeping up training whilst in between seasons), I've now been running on the paths for a couple of weeks, I found going from treadmill to grass to pavement a lot easier than going straight from treadmill to paths, I'd say do what you feel comfortable with, for you so maybe do 1 run outside and 2 on the treadmill then do that, or you could do what I did and do a few weeks on the treadmill and then go outside,

    I wish you all the best for your couch to 5k journey :)

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • There was another post earlier on about this - .. the dreadmill is a lot easier, but the benefits of being outdoors are worth every single drop of sweat:)

    Personally I find it is a good back up for days with flooded roads, or cold winter mornings... but I don't enjoy it. Having said that, it's ok to run on it!

  • All my runs so far (on week7) done on a treadmill ... doesn't matter if it's inside or out! ... It's still running :-)

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